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Professional Accounting

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The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is offered as a stand-alone graduate diploma for students who have completed their accounting studies in the School of Administrative Studies. The graduate diploma is designed for direct entry into the Capstone 1 module of the Chartered Professional Accountants’ Professional Education program (the CPA PEP program) and it is accredited by CPA Ontario.

Students completing commerce or business degrees in other Canadian universities whose accounting courses are recognized by Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Canada may also be eligible for admission. These students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis on whether they are substantially equivalent to the School of Administrative Studies Bachelor of Commerce Honours Accounting degree and include the necessary prerequisite material.

The Graduate Diploma consists of five mandatory courses which have been designed to build on the curriculum of the undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Honours Accounting Stream, or equivalent, to align with the content of the four elective modules of the CPA PEP program. Accordingly, there is one course in each of the four elective areas: one each in performance measurement, assurance, tax, and finance, and a capstone course in integrative analysis. These five courses build on the accounting stream’s undergraduate curriculum to further develop the six technical competencies and five enabling competencies described in the CPA Competency Map. With coverage of all four elective areas, graduates have more opportunities and choice as they move on in their careers as professional accountants.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is open to graduates of the School of Administrative Studies’ Bachelor of Commerce Honours Accounting degree or equivalent who wish to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

To be admitted to the graduate diploma, applicants must have:

  1. completed the BCom Honours Accounting degree or equivalent;
  2. obtained a minimum C and average of B in each of the CPA required courses earned in the BCom Accounting degree or equivalent;
  3. obtained an overall grade point average of 6.5 or higher in the following Liberal Arts & Professional Studies courses or their equivalents:

Administrative Studies 4520 3.0: Advanced Financial Accounting
Administrative Studies 4570 3.0: Management Planning & Control Systems
Administrative Studies 4551 3.0: Auditing and Other Assurance Services
Administrative Studies 4553 3.0: Auditing: Advanced Topics
Administrative Studies 4561 3.0: Taxation of Personal Income in Canada
Administrative Studies 4540 3.0: Financial Management
Administrative Studies 4900 3.0: Management Policy Part I
Administrative Studies 4590 3.0: Comprehensive and Multisubject Accounting Problems

Diploma Requirements

Students enrolled in the graduate diploma:

  1. must complete all five required courses with an overall B average;
  2. must obtain a minimum of “C” in each of the 5 courses; and,
  3. must complete all diploma requirements within one year.

Required courses
Professional Accounting 5530 3.0: Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Professional Accounting 5550 3.0: Issues in the Practice of Assurance
Professional Accounting 5560 3.0: Taxation and Financial Decision-Making
Professional Accounting 5570 3.0: Performance Management Systems
Professional Accounting 5590 3.0: Integrative Analysis in Accounting

Further details about the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting can be found on the diploma website:

For more information, contact:, 416-736-5210 or visit the School of Administrative Studies at 282 Atkinson College.