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The Graduate Diploma in World Literature is designed to highlight and give official accreditation to students’ transnational, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary literary expertise. Unique in Canada, this challenging graduate diploma can lead to prospective careers in a range of areas requiring a high level of cross-cultural literacy in this era of globalization, from government to the global creative industries.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in World Literature can be obtained in conjunction with an MA or PhD degree in English, Humanities, or Translation Studies.

Diploma Requirements

Diploma students must successfully complete:

  • A compulsory three-credit course on the history and practice of comparative and world literature: Humanities 6157 3.0: Comparative and World Literature Seminar: History and Practice/Same as English 6157 3.0 and Translation 6157 3.0. This course is in addition to the requirements of an MA or PhD degree in English or Humanities, or of an MA in Translation Studies.
  • A capstone diploma research paper, elaborated with the advice of a Professor with specialization in the topic to be explored. This paper further develops expertise in world literature, and requires that students demonstrate the interdisciplinary, cross-cultural research and critical skills acquired throughout their world literature graduate diploma studies. The diploma research paper is marked by the primary advisor, then submitted to a second reader who also marks and comments, and then both reports are sent to the Graduate Program Director. This is also an additional requirement.
  • One course in cultural theory (three or six credits), to be chosen among the offerings of the Graduate Programs in English, Humanities, or Translation Studies. A list of available courses is given to students each year. While this course counts for both the degree and diploma, students enrolled in the graduate diploma must write a research paper that extends the discussion of cultural theory into the domain of world literature.
  • Three course-related research papers with a world literature perspective and content; or an MA major research paper or thesis; or a PhD dissertation with a world literature approach. While such work counts for both the graduate diploma and the degree program, students enrolled in the graduate diploma need to supplement their MA or PhD requirements with work done from a world literature perspective throughout their degree studies: the graduate diploma augments the degree requirements and allows students to receive accreditation for the added value of this specialized training.

It is recommended, but not required, that students complete a study period, research stay, or an internship in a country pertinent to their projects in world literature. The Graduate Program in English has an exchange program with Mainz University; York University has an agreement with every university in France for “cotutelle” doctorates; York University is an institutional affiliate of the Institute for World Literature, which meets for a month in cities across the globe every summer. More generally, York International has a large number of exchange agreements, summer programs, and internships that are available to graduate students:

Students are provided with a list of such opportunities for studies and internships abroad, and encouraged to take advantage of them.