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Professionalizing Your Biology Degree

The Biology graduate program has developed a suite of tools to help you develop Professional Skills that are important in biology-related careers. Professional skills are important during your graduate studies (e.g. improve credentials for scholarship applications, increase publication/conference success) and for your science career after you graduate.

These three documents are meant to be used together. You are encouraged to discuss your skills and goals with a mentor (e.g. supervisor, committee member, postdoc, senior PhD student, collaborator) and record how/when you gained key skills (for later use in job applications/interviews).

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Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS)

Supporting the professional development of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in a multifaceted way drives the mission of Graduate Studies at York and is key to creating success. Our commitment is to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed within and beyond the academic world.

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Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

Our Faculty has developed an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) tool to provide students with resources to assess their current level of expertise, identify areas in which they would like to explore or improve and map out a plan for achieving their goals.

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Mitacs Training Program

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at a Canadian University can enroll in the Mitacs Training Program free of charge. Courses cover one or more of these key professional skills for the workplace:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Communication & Relationship Building
  • Personal & Professional Management
  • Entrepreneurialism

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The Graduate Program in Biology at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.