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The Graduate Diploma provides official accreditation of the comparative, multilingual, cross-cultural nature of students’ graduate training and develops and reinforces their professional skills to prepare them for a global, multilingual job market.

All candidates for the diploma must first be admitted to a graduate program at York University. They may register for the diploma once their master’s or Doctoral program of study has been clearly defined, normally before the course work has been completed. Application is made to the Graduate Director of Humanities.

The Graduate Diploma in Comparative Literature is available to graduate students at York who fulfill the following requirements:

  • a three-credit course on the history of Comparative and World literature entitled “Comparative and World literature Seminar: History and practice.” This course is taken in addition to the requirements of the student’s MA or PhD degree.
  • a capstone, diploma research paper, elaborated under the supervision of a professor with specialization in the topic to be explored, and submitted to a second reader (normally the student’s supervisor will serve as either the supervisor or second reader). This paper further develops expertise in Comparative Literature and requires that students demonstrate the interdisciplinary research and critical skills acquired throughout their Comparative Literature Diploma studies. This is also an additional requirement to the student’s MA or PhD degree.
  • one course in cultural theory (three or six credits), to be chosen among the offerings of York’s graduate programs and approved by the student’s supervisor and the Humanities Graduate program director. This course can count as one of the student’s degree requirements.
  • three research papers completed in conjunction with the coursework required by their programs that have clearly comparative cultural content; or a major research paper, thesis, or dissertation with an approach relevant to Comparative Literature, to be approved by the student’s supervisor.
  • demonstrated academic competence in two languages other than English. Language competence is the responsibility of the supervisor and must be carried out according to methods appropriate to both the language and the subject matter in question.

It is also highly recommended, but not required, that students complete a study period, research stay or an internship of at least one semester in a country where English is not the main language of communication.

For more information, please contact:

Susan Ingram
Coordinator, Graduate Diploma in Comparative Literature

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