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Degree Requirements

  • Concurrent completion of a Master's thesis or PhD dissertation in the field of Neuroscience under the supervision of a core faculty member.
  • A minimum of 2 years of consecutive participation in the Neuroscience Diploma Program

Students must successfully complete two half-credit graduate courses in Neuroscience:

  • KAHS 6155 3.0 (BIO 5146 / PSYC 6257) - Fundamentals of Neuroscience I: Structures, Neurons and Synapses
  • PSYC 6253 3.0 (BIO 5147 / KAHS 6156) - Fundamentals of Neuroscience II: Circuits, Systems and Behaviour.

Note: These two courses may also be counted towards the degree requirement of students’ departmental program.

Students must regularly attend the monthly Neuroscience Seminar Series.

  • Both first and second-year students must attend all seminars
  • First-year students only are required to read the article, submit 2 questions, and meet with the speaker

In the second year of the Neuroscience Diploma Program, students are required to successfully complete a neuroscience review paper.

  • Topic should be selected in consultation with their supervisor
  • Topic should be outside the topic of the research thesis
  • Main review paper approval form must be submitted
  • Student must be the sole author
  • Must be in journal format (e.g. Nature Reviews)
  • Approximately 6000 words in length, not including references
  • References must be primarily to original sources and must be extensive enough to thoroughly cover the topic

CURRENT YEAR DUE DATE: The review paper is due on February 28th

In the second year of the Neuroscience Diploma Program, students are required to present a short talk on their current research, as part of Research Day that all students attend. Research Day will be held in April or May each year

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