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Work Permits

You must apply for a temporary work permit to enter Canada legally to begin your new position at York University.

Prior to proceeding with your work permit application, York University must:

  • provide a formal appointment contract or invitation letter
  • make the appropriate submission to IRCC for approval of the Labour Market Impact Assessment/Offer of Employment to a foreign national
  • pay the processing fees for the submission to IRCC

If you have been hired for a permanent position, you must secure permanent immigration status. In Canada, this is known as `Permanent Resident’ status. If you have been hired for a permanent position, you must apply for permanent residence status as soon as possible, as the process of preparing your application, applying and it being processed can take a year or more. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not renew a work permit repeatedly. For temporary appointments, a transition to permanent residency is not required. 

Information on how to obtain a temporary work permit and other related information can be found on the IRCC website. For the application form, please visit the Government of Canada website

To assist you to complete your work permit application, please follow the  guide to Applying for a Work Permit outside Canada

NOTE: Processing times may be lengthy, so it is advisable to submit applications as soon as all prerequisites are met. See the latest processing times here.

Work Permits-LMIA Exempt 

York (specifically an administrator within the applicable Dean's Office or hiring unit) prepares and submits an online application (including payment of the $230 fee unless exempt) to IRCC and emails the foreign worker the Offer of Employment number that must be entered in the work permit application form.

The Offer number is required for positions that are exempt from the need for an LMIA. If required, a work permit application will be unsuccessful without this Offer Number. If your appointment is extended, a new Offer Number is required to renew your work permit. 

Typically, persons who come to Canada temporarily to hold the following positions require a work permit, but are EXEMPT from the need for an LMIA: 

  • C44-Post-doctoral Fellows 
  • C31-Research (e.g., Canada Research Chairs, Canada Excellence Research Chairs) 
  • C22- Academic Exchanges (e.g., Visiting Scholar) 
  • C16- Francophone mobility (French speaking workers coming to York University even if French speaking is not required for the position) 
  • T23-Cusma Professionals (Citizens of the United States, Mexico, and Chile) 

For full details of all people this applies to, please visit the Government of Canada website

Work Permits-LMIA Required 

Persons who come to Canada to hold the following positions require both a work permit and an LMIA: 

  • Professors (tenured/tenure-stream) 
  • Deans 

Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, our job offer must be approved by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This approval is issued in the form of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) decision. York (specifically the Immigration and Relocation Officer) prepares and submits these applications to the government for faculty member positions and senior CPM positions, then sends the new faculty member (and on rare occasions, senior CPM) the LMIA decision if it is approved. 

An LMIA is usually required for permanent or contractual positions offered to foreign nationals. Spouses/partners and dependents of temporary foreign workers do not usually require an LMIA. 

Once the LMIA is issued, it is sent electronically to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and entered their database. A copy of the LMIA is also sent to York, and the University forwards a copy of the letter to the new employee, so the employee can apply for a work permit. 

A positive or neutral LMIA provides the immigration officer with the authority to issue the work permit. The actual permit is issued at the port of entry (e.g., border or airport) on the presentation of your letter of introduction (work permit approval letter).

When the time comes, the LMIA is also required to successfully process the application for permanent residence. It is critical when applying for your work permit or for permanent residency that you include a copy of the LMIA as well as the other documents required, such as the original job offer letter and subsequent employment confirmation letter from York University. 

Work Permit Extensions 

You must renew your work permit before it expires to maintain your legal status to work, be paid and have uninterrupted healthcare coverage. Applications to extend work permits can be found at  here.

NOTE: If you required an Offer of Employment number for your initial work permit, a new Offer Number is required to renew/extend your work permit.