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Chantelle Tokarz

Chantelle Tokarz

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Chantelle Tokarz

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Manager of Client Care, Royal Bank of Canada
Philosophy 2009

Chantelle Tokarz is Manager of Client Care at the Royal Bank of Canada in Winnipeg. She reports that she found her Philosophy degree useful in the development of her career as a bank manager, as it enabled her to be more confident and analytical in decision making. As she puts it, “Studying Philosophy taught me how to evaluate information and how to look at a problem from all angles.” She also relates that she appreciated the fact that York had so many programs and opportunities for students to get involved in, such as open house functions and student clubs. Some of her best memories at York were developed during the time she was a part of the Undergraduate Philosophy Student Association, Philosophia.

My experiences at York made me more confident in my career and the critical thinking skills I learned have become a great asset in all areas of my life.

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