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Donya Khosravi

Donya Khosravi

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Donya Khosravi

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Individualized Studies

When I came to York, I knew I wanted to study something different — something unique. My program of interest regarding sustainability was not offered as an undergraduate program, and my interests regarding economics, the environment, and society were too far spread across various faculties. I chose the Individualized Studies program because it allowed me to create an undergraduate degree that did not yet exist — Economic Sustainability. The program allowed me to design my major to obtain the education I believed would be the most beneficial for my career and life goals. Through the Individualized Studies program, I was able to take courses across multiple faculties, allowing me to approach the challenges of today with an interdisciplinary background.

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Graduate Program in Public Policy, Administration & Law
Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) 2013

Insurance Broker, Oracle RMS Insurance Risk Management Services Inc.

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Roger Young

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

International Control Strategy & Transformation Lead, Wells Fargo

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Administrative Studies
Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS) 2013

Media Director,

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2016

Director, Urgent Care Clinic