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Sarah Veale

Sarah Veale

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Sarah Veale

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Classical Studies 2015

Classical Studies is a great degree to pursue if you want to do any further research in the ancient world or learn more about ancient cultures, translate or become an archaeologist. It also gives you a practical knowledge base and practical communication skills which are transferable to any career path that you take.

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Sarika Bhatnagar profile photo

Sarika Bhatnagar

Graduate Program in Public Policy, Administration & Law
Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) 2021

Provincial Prosecutor, Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario

Sydney Hoareau profile photo

Sydney Hoareau

Professional Writing

Rocco Fasano profile photo

Rocco Fasano

Public Administration
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Specialized Honours 2002

Senior Business Advisor, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Kat Kova profile photo

Kat Kova

Sexuality Studies

Registered Psychotherapist, Kat Kova Therapy