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A New Realm of Experiential Education Using an Augmented Reality Sandbox


Augmented Reality (AR) technology expands the physical world by adding digital information layers onto what we can see with the naked eye. The virtual layers (topography, geology, hydrogeology, and other Earth-related elements) help students engage with the visualization of 3D problems, something that traditional 2D class material does not readily afford. AR is beginning developed for use in education and students from the technology-infused generation are very familiar and comfortable with these technologies. Therefore, AR technology provides an experiential environment that students intuitively utilize and will allow them to experience the physical environment where fieldwork is inaccessible or expensive. The main goal is to embed such technologies and enhance our students’ experiential education from first through to fourth-year courses across Lassonde School of Engineering. This will spark student curiosity, improving their visual understanding, going beyond the classroom to see and experience the impact of their decisions on the design in an immersed environment.

AR Sandbox Virtual layers​




Other Earth Surface elements

AR Sandbox Video: Brings you Heavy Rain Using your Hand Gesture

Project Lead(s)

Majgan Jadidi, Matthew Perras, Usman Khan, Melanie Baljko


Lassonde School of Engineering

Funding Priority

Experiential Education, Student Success