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My love language is peer-reviewed research: York U professor Amy Muise debunks sex and relationship pop psychology, offers alternatives backed in science

February 1, 2024

York Prof David Hood gets $1M+ for novel research on role of mitochondria in muscle decline

January 3, 2024

Are we using the right tools to assess risks of wildfires to health?

August 23, 2023

Life on MARS: York U team heads North to look for clues to Martian mystery

July 13, 2023

Wild pollinators urgently in need of a national strategy to combat the multiple and widespread nature of the threats wild bees are facing

June 22, 2023

Survey finds workplace is epicentre of racism. York University Professor Lorne Foster talks about how his new Black Canadian National Survey research project

June 13, 2023

Thousands of ambient air quality monitoring stations are unwittingly recording eDNA data. The findings could be a gamechanger for global efforts to protect and promote biodiversity

June 7, 2023

Meet the minds behind Connected Minds. York professors and inaugural directors of Connected Minds Doug Crawford, Sean Hillier and Pina D'Agostino discuss how their nascent $318-million project will blend research in AI and neuroscience with the values of social justice

April 28, 2023

York researchers develop a new, portable instrument, the size of a small bookcase, that can be wheeled into homes and businesses to assess indoor air pollution

March 22, 2023