Introducing the 2009-2010 IPilogue team

Introducing the 2009-2010 IPilogue team

Giuseppina D'Agostino is the Founder and Director of IP Osgoode and an Assistant Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Our 2009-2010 academic year at IP Osgoode is off to a very busy start and we are very pleased to have our new team of IPilogue Editors on board.  Our IPilogue Editors come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and boast work experience in a range of different disciplines. 

This year's IPilogue Editor team has been drawn from students in all years of the Osgoode Hall Law School JD program, as well as the graduate degree program.  Notably, our team also includes an LLB candidate from the University of Ottawa and a JD candidate from the University of Toronto.  Our goal has always been to include as many students from other schools across Canada (and indeed the globe) as possible so as to begin an important conversation among the future experts and leaders in society. Our students care deeply about the issues and their voices matter. 

The 2009-2010 team consists of: Alex Gloor, Amanda Carpenter, Billy Barnes, Brandon Evenson, Brian Chau, George Nathanael, Nathan Fan, Nirav Bhatt, Peter Waldkirch, Stuart Freen, and Virgil Cojocaru.  Additionally, Jamie Goodman (a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School) will be providing creative graphic illustrations for IPilogue this year and you may have already seen some of his fabulous creations!

Each of this year's editors have already posted their first blog articles and have covered a wide range of topics including online defamation, copyright in comic book characters, cleantech patents, trade-mark use in search engine keywords, drug dosage method patents, and more. 

We hope that you follow us and contribute your own views on IPilogue and that you will participate in our many upcoming events planned for this year.