Ad-hear to the Law: My Top Ten IP-Related Podcast Episodes

Ad-hear to the Law: My Top Ten IP-Related Podcast Episodes

Photo Credits: C D-X (Unsplash)

Claire WortsmanClaire Wortsman is an IPilogue Writer and a 2L JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School.


While certain sectors of the entertainment industry, especially those involving live events, were hit hard by COVID-19, podcasting has survived (and thrived) amidst the pandemic. As lockdown measures increased and walks around the block became the most exciting part of my day, I too hopped on the podcast bandwagon. Here are my top ten IP-related podcast picks (in alphabetical order): 

“Celebrities Sued for Posting Images of Themselves by The Briefing by the IP Law Blog 

The IP law blog, published by Weintraub Tobin and hosted by intellectual property attorneys Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo, delves into IP issues in the news. I loved this episode on celebrities being sued for posting images of themselves because it does an excellent job of exploring the IP law basis for this phenomenon.

“Disparaging Trademarks at a Time of Social & Racial Justice Movements by Brand & New

Brand & New is a podcast by the International Trademark Association. In this episode, host Audrey Dauvet talks to Harvard Law School’s Rebecca Tushnet about the impact of social and racial justice movements on owners of offensive trademarks. In particular, I enjoyed their conversation about the possibility of minority-owned brands reclaiming and trademarking offensive words or stereotypes.

“Don’t be Tardy for this Lawsuit: Copyright & Bad Claims by The Bravo Docket

This podcast series will definitely appeal to a more niche audience. It is hosted by Cesie and Angela, two practicing attorneys and reality television fans. They examine and discuss the lawsuits and legal disputes of reality television personalities. Although I do not follow The Real Housewives, I still found this episode incredibly entertaining and informative. 

“IP Protection in the Cannabis Industry by CBD School

For anybody interested in both IP law and the cannabis industry, host Jenn Procacci and patent attorney and plant scientist Dr. Dale Hunt delve into IP protection for cannabis breeders. 

“Jurassic Patents” by IP Goes Pop!

This super fun podcast series, hosted by Volpe Koenig intellectual property attorneys Michael Snyder and Joseph Gushue, explores elements of intellectual property law referenced in popular movies, television, and songs. My favourite episode is Jurassic Patents, where Volpe Koenig attorney and Ph.D. Douglas Bucklin joins the hosts to discuss the Jurassic Park movies: how realistic they are, how IP law treats DNA, and how close we are to bringing back dinosaurs.

“NFTs & IP by Mofo Perspectives Podcast

In this episode, Dario de Martino, Joyce Liou, and Paul Goldstein of Morrison Foerster break down all things non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and IP. Despite its short runtime, this episode touches on many interesting ways IP law can apply to the NFT space and is especially important as the NFT market continues to grow.

“Social Media & Your IP Rights by Innovation Talks

Innovation Talks is an IP podcast created by Murgitroyd for small and mid-size enterprises. In this episode, Rebecca Dobson and Steve Waine provide interesting advice, stories, and hypotheticals involving the intersection of IP rights and social media. 

“The Progress Pride Flag, and the Realities of IP by Input Doc: Marketing Interviews

Since Daniel Quasar designed the Progress Pride Flag in 2018, its use appears to be steadily increasing. This past pride month, I saw it everywhere. This episode offers a fascinating glimpse into Quasar’s process of designing the flag and the aftermath of their overnight success. Quasar also discusses their choices regarding exercising control over their IP.

“The role of IP & AI in healthcare during COVID-19 by IP Law Podcast Series

This episode of Intellectual Property Law Podcast Series features Bereskin & Parr LLP attorneys Isi Caulder and Laurence MacPhie. They discuss the role of AI in healthcare, and specifically in the fight against COVID-19. They examine how IP law applies to AI in healthcare and the ways in which it can both hinder and facilitate progress.

“Why Women Founders Must Protect Their Intellectual Property by Tough Skin Soft Heart

Shannon Cohen tells her moving story of being a small business owner approached by a larger brand hoping to profit off of her IP. This David and Goliath story is a must-listen in my book and features an important intersectional and historical perspective on IP.