CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - IP Researchers Needed for DABUS Patent Application

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - IP Researchers Needed for DABUS Patent Application

Student researchers are needed to assist in the preparation of arguments for the ground-breaking DABUS AI patent application in Canada.

DABUS, short for Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience, is an artificial intelligence (“AI”) machine that can invent and generate new ideas without any human input. DABUS is a form of neurocomputing and in some sense, DABUS may be said to mimic aspects of human brain function. DABUS and its creator Dr. Stephen Thaler have garnered worldwide attention when patent applications naming DABUS as the sole inventor were filed in several national patent offices. These filings have spurred meaningful discussion about AI-related inventorship and ownership and patents have been granted in Australia and South Africa.

In Canada, Deeth Williams Wall LLP is the agent of record for the DABUS patent application. The application can be found here:

Deeth Williams Wall is currently preparing to respond to CIPO’s objection (which can be found at the link above) and is looking for a few students to assist by researching case law and helping to develop argumentation to support the application.

Research will be conducted during the winter term and may be conducted remotely. Research may be conducted on the student’s own time with regular project check-ins.

Researchers should have a strong background and interest in IP, with a specific interest in patents.  An interest in technology is an asset but not required for the role.

Inquiries may be sent to Jennifer Davidson at the contact information below.

Applicants may choose to perform this research for academic credit under Prof. Pina D'Agostino's supervision.  If so, please contact Ms. Davidson before Tuesday, January 18th at noon and confirm:

  1. Your interest in performing the research for academic credit; and
  2. The course(s) that you would drop if offered this position.

To apply, please send a CV and writing sample (preferably a research memo or excerpt from one) to Jennifer Davidson, Technology and IP Law Associate, Deeth Williams Wall LLP at by 5pm on January 18th