York University is changing the world, even as the world changes around us.

These are turbulent times. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. A growing movement around the world demands an end to anti-Black racism in our institutions. Canada’s Indigenous people assert their rightful place in Canadian society. Everywhere, people are questioning old assumptions and old ways of doing things. This is a time to rethink, to readjust, and to reinvent.

York University is made for times like these. We are a leading international research and teaching university and a driving force for positive change. We open the door to higher learning for a diverse student body. We create connectedness throughout our community. We don’t just adjust to changing times. We thrive in them.

Over the past year, York has cemented its reputation as a comprehensive, multi-campus, urban university with a diverse student body and a commitment to creating positive impact in the communities we serve. By building on these strengths, we are ready to tackle a changing world, even as the pace of change seems to accelerate every day.