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The Arduino Support Package in Matlab

The Arduino Support Package in Matlab

Matlab Arduino Support Package Installation

Online Installation isn't working

If you are having trouble installing Arduino Matlab support packages using the online method (see below)

You may use the following steps to offline-install Arduino Matlab Support packages

Steps to follow

   1. Clean the Installation Directory For R2016b and newer

a. Open MATLAB and choose the drop-down menu for "Add-Ons", followed by the "Manage Add-Ons" option. Find your Support Package on the generated list and click the "Uninstall" button across from it. Once this uninstall is complete, close out of MATLAB.

b. Navigate to the following folder on your computer and delete the contents you find there:

i. Windows = C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R20XXx\

ii. Mac = /Users/<username>/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R20XXx/

iii. Linux = /home/<username>/Documents/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R20XXx/

ProgramData is a hidden folder, but you can use the shortcut %ProgramData% from Windows Search to jump right to the current user's ProgramData folder.

c. Open the 'Downloads' folder on your computer, then navigate to \MathWorks\SupportPackages\R20XXx\. Delete the contents of the "R20XXx" folder.


2.  Download the files. 

a. Download the below package from one drive @ York (After login to York office 365)

[link to Office 365 removed; see link on eClass]

unzip this file (preferably inside download folder and remember the path - you may need it for step 3 below)

b. Alternatively, you can download the above files by

i. Download and run the file from the URL below: 

ii. Login to a MathWorks account when prompted

iii. Select and Download the Support Software (Matlab Arduino Support Package)

iv. Move the files to the target machine

3. Run interactive installation

The interactive installer will start MATLAB and then the installer in a separate window. The executable takes a single argument; the path to the location of the previously downloaded files. All available support packages in the specified download folder are presented.

In a command prompt, type the following:

a. Windows (via Windows key and type in command or powershell)

cd DRIVE:\<MATLAB_PATH>\bin\win64

install_supportsoftware.exe -archives <path_to_download_folder> [-matlabroot DRIVE:\MATLAB_PATH]

For example:

cd C:\MATLAB\R2018b\bin\win64

install_supportsoftware.exe -archives C:\Users\jsmith\Downloads\MathWorks\SupportPackages\R2018b\

b. Linux (via the terminal)

cd <MATLAB_PATH>/bin/glnxa64

./ -matlabroot <MATLAB_PATH> -archives <path_to_download_folder>

For example:

cd /opt/MATLAB/R2018b/bin/glnxa64

./ -matlabroot /opt/MATLAB/R2018b -archives /home/jdoe/Downloads/MathWorks/SupportPackages/R2018b

c. Mac (via Spotlight, then type in terminal)

cd <MATLAB_PATH>/bin/maci64

./ -matlabroot <MATLAB_PATH> -archives <path_to_download_folder>

For example:

cd /Applications/

./ -matlabroot /Applications/ -archives /Users/jdoe/Downloads/MathWorks/SupportPackages/R2018b


(Thank you to Gayan G. for these instructions)


Corrupt support package installations

In the very rare even that you have installed the Arduino support package but it is not working, you may need to

In the event that that does not work, the next solution may be to

  1. Completely reinstall the OS on your computer
  2. Obtain a "loaner laptop" from
    1. from our IT department at YorkU:
    2. The Library at the University:

Note that if you end up borrowing a laptop from the University (or University Library) you need to ensure that the required software is already pre-installed or that you have administrative privileges to perform the installation yourself.




James Andrew Smith is an associate professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department in York University's Lassonde School.  He lived in Strasbourg, France and taught at the INSA Strasbourg and Hochschule Karlsruhe while on sabbatical in 2018-19 with his wife and kids. Some of his other blog posts discuss the family's sabbatical year, from both personal and professional perspectives.