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Mission Statement

As experts in supply chain management and business analytics, we believe in supply chain analytics—a growing discipline that lies at the interface of supply chain management and business analytics. Supply chains are the backbone of our economic system. What we are consuming and what organizations produce are mainly influenced by supply chain networks. Therefore, professionals, policy makers, and consumers always demand robust and effective supply chains to fulfill customer demand, nurture economic growth, and create wealth for everyone. Supply chain management is also critical for reducing carbon footprints and making better use of our planet's limited resources. Yet, supply chains are complex systems, which necessitate the deployment of analytical models to support decision makers. If analytical models are effectively integrated into supply chains, we would all be better off. Our goal is to equip our readers (academics, supply chain professionals, consultants, students, etc.) with the ideas and methods that have been developed based on our research and successfully implemented in practice in various industries.