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Mistrust among Canadian MPs

Public commentators and researchers have remarked that we are living in an era of rising mistrust. Not only has there been a proliferation of misinformation and disinformation, but also a rise in political polarization, marked by deepening cleavages in values and a pronounced questioning of one's opponents' intentions and legitimacy.

Populism, as an ideational and stylistic phenomenon, is often deemed a key contributor to this atmosphere of mistrust.

To what extent is mistrust a part of the Canadian political landscape? Which parties are most/least likely to express mistrust online? How has the prevalence of mistrust changed over time?

This interactive figure compares the number of original tweets (vs. retweets and replies) by Canadian MPs (as well as Maxime Bernier) posted in English that include terms related to mistrust.

We are currently working on the French version of the #X(Twitter)Meter.

Use your cursor to zoom in on a particular time period and/or to select or de-select particular parties.

Who's in our dataset?

Members of the 43rd Canadian Parliament

Members of the 44th Canadian Parliament