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Welcome to the Peng Lab

The transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family is composed of a large group of growth and differentiation factors, including TGF-betas, activins, inhibins, Nodal, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). These factors regulate a variety of cellular activities and are involved in many developmental and physiological processes. In recent years, we have been investigating the structure, function and signal transduction of these growth factors in the ovary and placenta.

  • A Reproductive Endocrinology, Cell and Molecular Lab at York University. Our primary research focuses on investigating the TGF-Beta Superfamily of proteins in the ovaries and placenta. We are currently using human ovarian cancer cells, placenta tissues and cultures and zebrafish as models. We are starting more in vivo work in the mouse model.
  • Ph.D. positions available.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Position available. Encouraged to apply for a York Science Fellowship