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Diversity in Physics Committee

Our goal is to support and improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Physics and Astronomy (PHAS) Department at York.

Committee Members

Faculty Representative: Deborah Harris

Graduate Student Representative: To Be Announced, if you are interested please contact Deborah Harris!

Undergraduate Representatives: Dorsa Ahmadieh and Fiza Sheikh

Searching for a Postdoctoral Representative

Committee Efforts:

  1. Celebrate diversity through events/workshops/materials in the department
  2. Introduce activities and initiatives to increase inclusivity in the department
  3. Create initiatives to reduce financial barriers to majoring or getting an advanced degree in PHAS
  4. Serve as liaison between different PHAS communities (undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral visitors, staff, faculty)
  5. Facilitate and investigate PHAS department member EDI-related complaints

Wellness resources for York community:

Please see here for links to on campus resources to support mental health, and URGENT SUPPORT.

Please see here to find resources for support for students outside Ontario, learning resources and campus security.

Student-run Diversity in Physics Student Association web site can be found here

To reach us, please use email: our addresses are: deborahh at, dorsa01 at