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Welcome to Raymond Kwong's Lab Website

Raymond Kwong

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Environmental Toxicology

Department Of Biology, Faculty Of Science

Research Focus

Pollution and climate change pose significant challenges to water quality in Canada as well as around the world. Enhancing the knowledge of how these changes affect environmental health is fundamental to enhancing the risk analysis and management process for decision-making and to the development of relevant mitigation measure in balancing socio-economic growth with environmental sustainability.

The primary goals of Dr. Kwong’s research program are to understand: i) the molecular and neurophysiological effects of environmental stressors (e.g., anthropogenic contaminants, environmental changes), and ii) the fundamental mechanisms regulating homeostatic processes in aquatic animals. His research group integrates molecular physiological approaches with functional genetics to investigate environment-gene-phenotype relationship and to identify the molecular pathways that underlie the effects and tolerance. This strategy facilitates the development of next-generation predictive tools that can more reliably evaluate the effects of environmental changes on aquatic environments. Their research also contributes to the development of better strategies for water quality regulation and more relevant criteria for the protection of aquatic life and biodiversity.