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TIEDI Analytical Reports


Immigrants and the Toronto Food Services and Accommodation Services Sectors: What role do immigrant workers play in the employment structure of Toronto’s food services and accommodation services sectors? (TIEDI Analytical Report 29: June 2012)



List of our Analytical Reports on Labour Market outcomes

These reports below are based on research questions gathered through our workshops with the community. Reports are posted as they become available.

Computer Use among Immigrants in the Workplace: How does it vary by gender, educational level, ethnicity, occupation and tenure? (TIEDI Analytical Report 28: February 2012)

Promotion in the Workplace: How is promotion in the workplace affected by nativity, period of immigration, ethnicity, gender, education, occupation and employment tenure? (TIEDI Analytical Report 27: February 2012)

Profile of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Immigrants to Canada, 1996-2009: How has the profile (age, marital status, education, languages, country of origin, and province of destination) of immigrants in the Provincial Nominee Programs changed over time? (TIEDI Analytical Report 26: September 2011)

How does Full/Part-time Employment Status affect Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants over time? : Among immigrants who are continuously employed during their first four years in Canada, how does taking full-time versus part-time employment affect their hourly wages, levels of job satisfaction, education mis-match and post-migration education/trainingover time? (TIEDI Analytical Report 25: September 2011)

Continuity of Employment for Immigrants during the First Four Years in Canada: How do the employment histories of immigrants vary by demographic characteristics (i.e. gender, age at arrival in Canada, visible minority status), immigrant class and pre-migration occupations over time? (TIEDI Analytical Report 24: August 2011)

Language Use in the Workplace for Immigrants in Toronto: Which groups are most likely to use a non-official language at work and how is this reflected in labour market outcomes? What are the effects of using a non-official language at work on income? (TIEDI Analytical Report 23: August 2011)

Economic Recession and Immigrant Labour Market Outcomes in Canada, 2006-2011: How has Canada’s recession affected the Canadian-born and immigrants’ labour market outcomes (unemployment rate, full-time employment rate, and employment in industry sector) from 2006 to 2011? Does the effect vary by gender, immigrant status and place of residence? (TIEDI Analytical Report 22: July 2011)

Immigrants' Experiences of Discrimination in the Workplace: Which immigrants are more likely to face discrimination in general and, specifically, in the workplace? How do language skills, levels of education, visible minority status and gender affect perceived discrimination? (TIEDI Analytical Report 21: May 2011)

Full/part-time employment status across occupations in Toronto? : How do average earnings and full/part-time employment status vary across occupations in the Toronto CMA, and by gender, immigrant status and place of study? (TIEDI Analytical Report 20: April 2011)

What kind of tests are required for immigrants to get hired?: How do these tests vary by ethnoracial group and occupational classification? (TIEDI Analytical Report 19: March 2011)

Profile of Live-in-caregiver Immigrants to Canada, 1993-2009: How has the demographic (age, marital status, country of origin, province of destination) and educational profile of immigrants in the Live-in Caregiver category changed over time? (TIEDI Analytical Report 18: March 2011)

Methods for Finding Jobs: How do Immigrants find Jobs? (TIEDI Analytical Report 17: February 2011)

Educational attainment, Gender, and Age: Do educational attainment, gender and age affect labour market outcomes of immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 16: January 2011)

Credential Assessment by Occupation: What are immigrants' experiences of the accreditation process in different occupations? (TIEDI Analytical Report 15: January 2011)

Place of Study of Highest Education: Are degrees/diplomas from inside and outside of Canada valued differently in the labour market? (TIEDI Analytical Report 14: December 2010)

Country of Birth and Educational Attainment: How do country of birth and educational attainment influence the labour market outcomes of immigrants in terms of earnings, unemployment rate and participation rate? (TIEDI Analytical Report 13: September 2010)

Job Satisfaction by Immigrant Status and Period of immigration: How satisfied are immigrants with their current jobs and the pay and benefits of these jobs? (TIEDI Analytical Report 12: September 2010)

Language Skills: how do language skills affect the labour market outcomes of immigrants? Is there an average language threshold required for immigrants to find work at an appropriate level? (TIEDI Analytical Report 11: July 2010)

Credential Recognition by Immigrant Class: How does immigration class affect immigrants' expereinces with credential recognition? (TIEDI Analytical Report 10: May 2010)

Immigrants Returning to School: Does returning to school after immigration affect labour market outcomes for immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 9: March 2010)

University Educated Immigrants: What are the labour market outcomes of university educated immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 8: March 2010)

Wages by Source of Job Search Information: Are immigrant wages affected by the source of job search information? (TIEDI Analytical Report 7: March 2010)

English and French Language Skills: Does self-reported English and French speaking ability affect labour market outcomes for immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 6: February 2010)

Regulated and Unregulated Occupations: What are the labour market outcomes for immigrants planning to work in regulated and unregulated occupations? (TIEDI Analytical Report 5: February 2010)

Country of Birth and Gender: How do gender and country of birth affect labour market outcomes for immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 4: January 2010)

Immigrant Earnings by Size of Workplace: Are immigrant earnings affected by the size of their employer? (TIEDI Analytical Report 3: January 2010)

Immigrant Class and Gender: Do immigrant class and gender affect labour market outcomes for immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 2: January 2010)

Savings brought to Canada : Do levels of savings brought to Canada affect labour market outcomes of immigrants? (TIEDI Analytical Report 1: November 2009)


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