York University Academic Plan 2020-2025

Building a Better Future

The University Academic Plan (UAP) 2020-2025 is about coming together to make positive change for our students, our campuses, and our local and global communities.

Spinning Wheel

York’s vision is to provide a broad sociodemographic of students with access to a high quality education at a research intensive University that is committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities we serve.

Six Priorities for Action


Each of the six Priorities focuses on a key dimension of positive change that York University will pursue over the next five years. The Priorities are conceptualized as a wheel to reflect their fluidity and interdependence.

21st Century Learning

Diversifying Whom, What, and How We Teach

Every York University graduate, regardless of background or field of study, must be equipped with the knowledge, transferable skills, and values to navigate a 21st century world in which change is the only constant.

Knowledge for the Future

From Creation to Application

As change accelerates around us, we aim to be more responsive to our communities by generating critical knowledge and works of art, ideas and innovations that engage multiple perspectives while propelling Ontario as a global knowledge-economy leader.

From Access to Success

Next Generation Student Supports

With many of our students facing current challenges and uncertain futures, York will devote additional attention to supporting students of all backgrounds and circumstances to complete their studies successfully and to realize their full potentials.

Advancing Global Engagement

York University draws people from around the world who seek to learn from each other and to gain the global fluencies needed to work locally and across borders toward a better future.

Working in Partnership

York University understands that by partnering with other entities and sectors we gain vital insights and capacity to create positive impact for our students, our campuses, and our broader communities.

Living Well Together

Making positive change requires that all members of our diverse community feel welcomed into a sense of belonging, common purpose, and shared responsibility to support and enrich each other’s work.

A group of Music students.