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Celebrating 30 years since ECO-ED in Canada

Celebrating 30 years since ECO-ED in Canada

Our Chairholder Charles Hopkins was the chairman and main organizer of the first global event on education for sustainable development in Canada in 1992.

"The World Congress for Education and Communication on Environment and
Development (ECO-ED), which took place in Toronto, Canada, 17-21 October 1992, was multisectoral in scope, accommodating individuals and groups from business, aid agencies, the NC0 community, government, the media, UN agencies (UNEP/UNESCO), educators and education associations. In total, there were over 3000 delegates from 75 countries, 500 presenters and 275 speakers. Of the delegates and speakers, 46% were women and 14% were from indigenous groups. In addition to the conference proceedings, there were a large number of concurrent meetings and partner events, an Arts Festival, the 1992 North American Association for Environmental Education Film and Video Festival, an ECO-ED store, 125 exposition groups, and around 300 organizations represented in the Curriculum and Resources Fair."

Abstract from D.M. Gordon on ScienceDirect.

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