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The Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson is a confidential, impartial and independent resource for University Community members (students, faculty and staff) to receive advice and guidance about their university-wide concerns and complaints regarding university policies, procedures and decision-making structures. The central role of the office is to help ensure fairness in university policies, procedures and decision-making structures.

The Ombudsperson may receive and investigate any University-related inquiry or concern from York University student, faculty or staff as well as applicants or former students, faculty and staff where the concern crystallized during their student or employment status. The Ombudsperson may initiate an investigation on their own or on the direction of the President into any systemic issue or a policy matter.

Committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, the Office of the Ombudsperson assists members of the university community to explore and evaluate options, and to determine an appropriate course of action with an aim to resolving concerns and complaints before they escalate. The office operates with an understanding that the successful resolution of complaints contributes to the development of a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and faculty across the University.