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Executive Committee

Committee Composition

The Executive team shall consist of one each: Chair, Vice-Chair, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, Strategy and Communication Coordinator (2), Financial Officer, and an Executive Coordinator.

All executive positions shall be for two (2) years, with alternating terms (Chair, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, and Financial Officer in one year; Vice-Chair, Strategy and Communication Coordinator, and Executive Coordinator in alternate year). Membership elections will occur every 2 years at the YUBSN Annual General Meeting where a new Executive team will be voted in.

Executive elected members:


Annette Boodram

Dept: Executive Director, Community Safety Department


Alicia Pinter

Dept: Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

Paula Gowdie Rose

Dept: Administrative Assistant, Management Science Specialization, Schulich School of Business

Strategy and Communication Coordinator

Karen Traboulay

Dept: Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Strategy and Communication Coordinator

Keisha McIntosh

Dept: Manager, Communications, Office of the Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Financial Officer

Christiana Labi

Dept: Financial & Major Gift Processing Analyst, Advancement Services & Operations

Executive Coordinator