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Executive Committee

Committee Composition

The Executive team shall consist of two Co-Chairs, and one of each: Membership & Volunteer Coordinator, Strategy & Communication Coordinator, Financial Officer, and an Executive Coordinator.

All executive positions shall be for two (2) years, with alternating terms (one Co-Chair, Membership & Volunteer Coordinator, and Financial Officer in one year; the other Co-Chair, Strategy & Communication Coordinator, and Executive Coordinator in alternate year). Membership elections will occur every 2 years at the YUBSN Annual General Meeting where a new Executive team will be voted in.

Executive elected members:


Annette Boodram

Dept: Executive Director, Community Safety Department


Alicia Pinter

Dept: Executive Assistant, Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Membership & Volunteer Coordinator

Andreanne Dibo-Amany

Dept: Associate Director, Graduate Student Affairs

Strategy & Communication Coordinator

Keisha McIntosh

Dept: Manager, Communications,
Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Executive Coordinator

Issa Abdi Jamaa

Dept: Alumni Engagement Officer, Alumni Engagement

Financial Officer

Jan Oliver (interim)

Dept: Assistant Director, Strategic Sourcing, Strategic Procurement Services

Financial Officer

Christiana Labi (on leave)

Dept: Financial & Major Gift Processing Analyst, Advancement Services & Operations, Faculty of Graduate Studies