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Injury Prevention for Computer Users

For a brief overview, have a look at our pamphlet and poster (PDF). More detailed information is available in the Computer User MSD Prevention Checklist.

It may not seem like it, but working at a computer can be physically demanding work. Consequently if we aren't careful, it can cause discomfort, lost productivity, aggravate pre-existing conditions (e.g. arthritis) or contribute to new conditions known as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) or Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

Musculoskeletal Disorders/Repetitive strain injuries

Arranging Your Workstation: Arrange each component of your workstation in the sequence below for best results.
Monitor, Paper Document

Arranging Your Working Time: Even if your workstation is arranged correctly, there are risks to your health, comfort and productivity if your working time is not organized well.

Resting While You Work

Discomfort In Specific Body Parts or During Specific Activities
Back Discomfort
Eye Discomfort
Keyboard Related Discomfort
Mouse Related Discomfort
Neck Discomfort

Purchasing Guidelines

Supervisor resource
Computer Workstation Checklist (PDF) (DOC)

Reference Material
Ontario Ministry of Labour

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