David M. L. Sills

 Dave Sills photo by Pat McCarthy

Photo by Pat McCarthy

Severe Weather Scientist, Environment Canada

Adjunct Professor, York University

Research Interests:  summer severe weather (including tornadoes and lightning),

low-level mesoscale boundaries (including Great Lakes
lake-breeze fronts and Alberta drylines),
and severe weather nowcasting

List of Publications

My Environment Canada Site

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My Photography Site

My Personal Weather Station (Barrie North)

Here is what I have been up to lately...

NEW! SOLMA 'bolt from the blue' case here.

NEW! Lake-breeze front locator charts here.

NEW! Ontario Research Support Desk (RSD) *experimental* products here.

NEW! Canadian Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-scale) rating guide REVISON 1 (English here, French here)

NEW! Geographic region names for Northern and Southern Ontario (English PDF here, French PDF here, English JPGs here)

Canadian Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-Scale) training deck (English here, French here).

10-min mesoscale boundary analyses for the 21 Aug 2011 Goderich supercell tornado event here.

Mesoscale analyses from the BAQS-Met IOP showing detailed daily lake breeze evolution here.

Photos of the EC Automated Mobile Meteorological Observation System (AMMOS) in action

Photos of the dual-polarization radar at King City


Chase2004 “web book” documenting my first chasing trip to the US

A Short Guide to Conducting Damage Surveys

Extreme Vs. Severe Weather (Opinion)

A Lake and Land Breeze Primer (Updated)

Rare Late-Season Lake Breezes in Southern Ontario

The 1997 Effects of Lake Breezes on Weather (ELBOW) Experiment (1998)

        ELBOW 97:  July 14, 1997 sensitivity study using MC2 model 

MC2 modelling results for July 2, 1997

Drop me a line if you are so inclined…  

David M. L. Sills, PhD
King City Weather Radar Facility
14780 Jane Street

King City
, Ontario

L7B 1A3

Phone: (905) 833-3905 Ext. 235
E-Mail: David [dot] Sills [at] canada.ca  or  Dave [dot] Sills [at] rogers.com

The views expressed here are mine and reflect the official position of neither York University nor Environment Canada.

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Last update: November 2017