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Journeys with Kabir

16-17 March 2009

The Indian poet-saint Kabir was once again inspiring a new generation with the 'Journeys with Kabir' event series. Hosted by the South Asian Studies Programme and the York Centre for Asian Research, the event series featured Indian filmmaker Shabnam Virmani and award-winning Indian vocalist, Prahlad Singh Tipanya and ensemble. Three films and a concert were highlights of the visit, which also includes visits to undergraduate classes. The events were held on 16-17 March 2009 at York University.

Filmaker Shabnam Virmani
and Professor Michael Nijhawan,
organzier of the 'Journeys with Kabir'
event at York.





L to R) Stanford Professor Linda Hess, tour organzier; Shabnam Virmani and award-winning vocalist Prahlad Tipanya at a film screening.






Filmmaker Shabnam Virmani speaking about her films








Prahlad Tipanya








Shabnam Virmani and Linda Hess








Class visit during the 'Journeys with Kabir' event.







Prahlad Tipanya during the class visit.







Vice President Academic and Provost Sheila Embleton gave opening remarks at the concert. Her support was pivotal in bring the event series to York.






Prahlad Tipanya and his ensemble: Ambaram Tipanya, Ajay Tipanya, Vijay Tipanya and Devnarayan Saroliya









Award-winning Indian vocalist, Prahlad Singh Tipanya and ensemble are from Ujjain district, Madhya Pradesh in India






The voalist and musicians performed traditional bhajans (devotional songs sung in the folk register) in honour of the poet-saint Kabir.







Prahlad Tipanya and Michael Nijhawan.


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