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Programs and projects administered by YCAR:

Addressing the Senior Digital Divide: A Community-Academic Research Project Evaluating the Impact of Providing Seniors with Accessible Technology

Agency Data on Migration Pilot Project

An Empire Dances Back: Nationalism, Postcoloniality and the Canadian Diaspora Through Philippine Folk Dance Traditions

Asia, BRICS and the Emerging World

Asian Connections: Linking Mobilities of Capital & Labour in Theory & Practice

Ati-atihan Festival on the Move

Between Mountains: Refugee Life during the Korean War, 1948-1953

Beyond Extraction: A Counter-Conference in the Heart of Extractive Capital

Buddhism across Boundaries: Subaltern, Plebeian and Peripheral Networks in Colonial Southeast Asia

Canada-India Project for Research and Innovation (CIPRI)

Canadian Conservation in Global Context: Intersections with Asia and Africa (CCGC)

China's Mundane Revolution: Cheap Print, Vernacular Knowledge, and the Common Reader in China's Long Republic, 1895–1955

Chinese Urbanization in Canadian Cities: Mapping the Scenes

Chittagong-Arakan Modern Buddhist Reformation 1757–1947: Staging Buddhism in Extended Bengal with Transregional Connections

Confrontations, Constellations and Aspirations: Reflections on Diaspora and Transnationalism Through the Lens of Youth Formations

COVID-19 and Punjabi Migration

Critical Diaspora Studies Series

Cultural Translation and Chinese-Canadian Studies

Democratic Shifts and Gender in Asia: ‘Scarce’ Women and ‘Surplus’ Men

Dissent Design

Ecologies on the Edge

The Emotions of Migration in Asia

Eve-Teasing: Young Women and Men Discuss Public Harassment in the Urban Slums of India

Exploring the Experiences of Anti-Chinese/Asian Racism in the GTA (PI: Guida Man, Sociology)

Exploring the Experiences of Filipina Careworkers Using Photovoice and PAR

Filipina Care Workers and COVID-19

Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada

The Future of Contractual Mandatory Retirement in Aging Korea and Japan

Global Player Production Networks: Canada’s Role in Developing Chinese Hockey

How do Asians Experience the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada?

Human Rights and the Arts: Perspectives from Global Asia

International Student Programs as Pathways to Permanent Residency? Examining International Students’ Experiences with Two-Step Immigration to Canada

Language, Identity and Heritage Preservation in Global Chinese Communities (PI:Jean Michel Montsion, Faculty Associate, Multidisciplinary Studies)

Literatures and Human Rights in Asia and Asian Diaspora

Many Ties of intimacy: Gender and Social Relations of Japanese Women and Men in Hawai’i, 1885–1924

Mass Capture: Making Non-citizens and the Chinese Head Tax in Canada

Matching Policies, Institutions and Practices of Water Governance in the Salween-Thanlwin-Nu River Basin

Media Boycotts Survey

Mediating Contagion: International Students Negotiating Media, Policy and Institutional Responses to COVID-19

Mobilizing Intersectionality: Filipina Care Workers and Community Development during COVID-19

Navigating Information and Race in the Era of COVID-19 (PI: Jack Leong, Libraries)

New Directions in Environmental Governance: Remaking Public and Private Authority in Southeast Asia

“Other Diplomacies”: Making of Canada-Asia Relations: The Roles of “Other Diplomacies Workshop

Philippine Arts and Social Studies in the Ontario Curriculum

Plural Pasts for Collective Futures in Burma/Myanmar: Histories of Belonging and Identities (Re)Imagined

  • Principal Investigator: Alicia Turner (Humanities)
  • Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Predicaments of a “Post-Conflict” Generation: A Comparative Study of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Diaspora Formations

Résiliences en Asie du Sud-Est: héritages, pratiques et représentations dans une perspective interdisciplinaire - Conférence 2023 du Conseil canadien des études sur l'Asie du Sud-Est

  • Principal Investigator: Alexandre Paquin-Pelletier (Université Laval)

Seeking New Roads to Peace in Afghanistan: An Integrated National-Regional Approach

South and Central Asia Project

Spectacles, Politics and Histories in Korea

Staged Identities: Documenting Folk Dance from the Philippines to Canada

Struggle to Settle: Adaptation of the Malayalee Diaspora in Canada

  • Principal Investigator: Luin Goldring (Sociology)
  • Funding: Mitacs Globalink Research Award

Territory, Development and the Remaking of the Northwest Uplands, Vietnam

  • Principal Investigator: Nga Dao (Social Science)
  • Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Towards a History of the Publishing House Ganga Pustak Mala

University to Work Transitions of International Students in Canada

  • Principal Investigator: Nancy Mandell (Sociology)
  • Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership

When Roots/Routes Matter: The Appearance and Disappearance of Asylum Seeking Families from the DPRK in Canada