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Core Course

The Making of Asian Studies: Critical Perspectives
GS/GEOG 5700 3.0 / ANTH 5500 / CMCT 6536 / CMCT 6136 / HUMA 6135 / SOCI 6745)

The course examines how academic studies on Asian spaces and identities have been produced historically and are presently constructed and connoted. The course does not, however, provide a substantive introduction to historical or contemporary processes of change in Asia. As we read through the interdisciplinary material taken from the Humanities and Social Sciences with different area foci (South Asian, Southeast Asian and East Asian) as well as literature, we will pay particular attention to (1) questions of methodology with an eye to our own scholarly projects and (2) epistemology, i.e. how we think about Asia and how we position ourselves as well as our future scholarly contributions in light of “the making of Asian Studies“. One of the larger questions of the course concerns the relevance of Area Studies in an era in which scholarship is often embedded within traditional disciplines and oriented toward global and transnational studies.

Faculty members with expertise in Asian Studies and extensive first-hand experience of research in different Asian countries offer the course each year.

Who Can Take the Course?
This is the required core course for the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS).

All students currently pursuing or planning to conducting research in Asia or Asian diasporas are encouraged to take this one-of-a-kind course at York. Exposure to social theory is valuable but not necessary.

In 2013.2014
This course will be offered in the Winter term on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm in 1020 Vari Hall, Keele Campus.

To register for this course, please contact Yvonne Yim at yvonney@yorku.ca or 416.736.2100 ext 55106.

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