Genevieve Rowe

M.Sc. candidate, York University
Honours B.Sc. Maj. Biology Min. Psychology
University of Ottawa
Email: osmiini@yorku.ca

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in the taxonomy and phylogeny of wild bees. For my Masters thesis I am currently working on a taxonomic revision of the Osmiini (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae), with special reference to the species found in Canada (excluding Osmia). My efforts will hopefully result in a more complete taxonomic knowledge of osmiine bees, along with the creation of user-friendly identification keys that encompass all of Canada for the tribe. I plan to use an integrative approach to taxonomy that incorporates both genetic data (mtDNA barcoding) and morphological studies.

The Osmiinae represent a biologically diverse group of solitary mason bees. Found on all continents except Australia (and only very recently known to South America-see Gonzalez & Griswold, 2011), the Osmiinae display extreme diversity in nesting behaviours and floral interactions. Their biological diversity encompasses most of the diversity seen in all other bees, and as such, they have always fascinated entomologists. Bees of the Osmiini tribe represent an important group of wild pollinators in Canadian ecosystems.


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Favorite Recipe

[Pepper Pops]

Pepper Pops


  • One large sweet bell pepper
  • Potable water (or a somewhat clean piece of clothing when in a pinch)


  1. Remove sticker from bell pepper's peel.
  2. Run under cool water to wash away any surface impurities (if potable water is not available, rub the pepper against a slightly porous, clean, article of clothing to remove impurities).
  3. Holding the pepper's stem, eat while avoiding the seeds in the centre (though they will not harm you).

Funniest Research Story

The funny is yet to come!


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