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Bee Tribes of the World

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Family: Stenotritidae

[Ctenocolletes smaragdinus female thumbnail]
[Ctenocolletes smaragdinus male thumbnail]

Family: Colletidae

Subfamily: Colletinae

Tribe: Neopasiphaeinae

[Neopasiphae mirabilis female thumbnail]
[Neopasiphae mirabilis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Colletini

[Colletes atripes female thumbnail]
[Colletes atripes male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Scrapterinae

Tribe: Scraptrini

[Scrapter calx female thumbnail]
[Scrapter bicolor male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Diphaglossinae

Tribe: Caupolicanini

[Caupolicana fulvicollis female thumbnail]
[Caupolicana gaullei male thumbnail]

Tribe: Diphaglossini

[Cadeguala occidentalis female thumbnail]
[Cadeguala occidentalis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Dissoglottini

[Mydrosoma micheneri female thumbnail]
[Mydrosoma serratum male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Xeromelissinae

[Xeromelissa rozeni female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Xeromelissa rozeni male]
[Image unavailable for Geodiscelis thaumaskelos female]
[Geodiscelis thaumaskelos male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Hylaeinae

[Hylaeus affinis female thumbnail]
[Hylaeus alcyoneus male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Euryglossinae

[Pachyprosopis cornuta female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Pachyprosopis cornuta male]
[Image unavailable for Euryglossina leyburnensis female]
[Euryglossina leyburnensis male thumbnail]

Family: Andrenidae

Subfamily: Andreninae

Tribe: Andrenini

[Ancylandrena female thumbnail]
[Ancylandrena male thumbnail]

Tribe: Euherbstiini

[Euherbstia excellens female thumbnail]
[Euherbstia excellens male thumbnail]
[Orphana female thumbnail]
[Orphana male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Panurginae

Tribe: Protandrenini

[Psaenythia female thumbnail]
[Psaenythia magnifica male thumbnail]

Tribe: Panurgini

[Panurginus beardsleyi female thumbnail]
[Panurginus beardsleyi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Nolanomelissini

[Nolanomelissa toroi female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Nolanomelissa male]

Tribe: Melitturgini

[Borgatomelissa female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Borgatomelissa male]
[Image unavailable for Melitturga female]
[Melitturga male thumbnail]

Tribe: Protomeliturgini

[Protomeliturga female thumbnail]
[Protomeliturga turnerae male thumbnail]

Tribe: Perditini

[Perdita octomaculata female thumbnail]
[Perdita bequaerti male thumbnail]

Tribe: Calliopsini

[Acamptopoeum prinii female thumbnail]
[Acamptopoeum prinii male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Oxaeinae

[Oxea flavescens female thumbnail]
[Oxea flavescens male thumbnail]

Family: Halictidae

Subfamily: Rophitinae

Tribe: Penapini

[Goeletapis peruensis female thumbnail]
[Goeletapis peruensis male thumbnail]
[Penapis female thumbnail]
[Penapis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Rophitini

[Xeralictus bicuspidariae female thumbnail]
[Xeralictus bicuspidariae male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Nomiinae

Tribe: Dieunomiini

[Dieunomia heteropoda female thumbnail]
[Dieunomia heteropoda male thumbnail]

Tribe: Nomiini

[Nomia melanderi female thumbnail]
[Nomia nortoni male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Nomioidinae

[Nomioides chalybeatus female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Nomioides chalybeatus male]
[Image unavailable for Ceylalictus congoensis female]
[Ceylalictus congoensis male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Halictinae

Tribe: Halictini

[Lasioglossum dybowskii female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Lasioglossum dybowskii male]
[Image unavailable for Halictus brunnescens female]
[Halictus brunnescens male thumbnail]

Tribe: Augochlorini

[Augochlora pura female thumbnail]
[Augochlora pura male thumbnail]

Tribe: Sphecodini

[Sphecodes female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Sphecodes male]
[Image unavailable for Ptilocleptis female]
[Ptilocleptis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Thrinchostomini

[Parathrinchostoma seyrigi female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Parathrinchostoma seyrigi male]
[Image unavailable for Thrinchostoma fulvum female]
[Thrinchostoma fulvum male thumbnail]

Tribe: Caenohalictini

[Agapostemon sericeus female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Agapostemon sericeus male]
[Image unavailable for Dinagapostemon mexicanus female]
[Dinagapostemon mexicanus male thumbnail]

Family: Melittidae

Subfamily: Dasypodainae

Tribe: Dasypodaini

[Eremaphanta iranica female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Eremaphanta iranica male]
[Image unavailable for Dasypoda visnaga female]
[Dasypoda visnaga male thumbnail]

Tribe: Promelittini

[Promelitta alboclypeata female thumbnail]
[Promelitta alboclypeata male thumbnail]

Tribe: Sambini

[Samba turkana female thumbnail]
[Samba ogilviei male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Meganomiinae

[Meganomia gigas female thumbnail]
[Meganomia gigas male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Melittinae

Tribe: Macropidini

[Macropis nuda female thumbnail]
[Macropis nuda male thumbnail]

Tribe: Melittini

[Melitta americana female thumbnail]
[Melitta americana male thumbnail]
[Rediviva longimanus female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Rediviva longimanus male]
[Redivivoides simulans female thumbnail]
[Redivivoides simulans male thumbnail]

Family: Megachilidae

Subfamily: Fideliinae

Tribe: Pararhophitini

[Pararhophites orobinus female thumbnail]
[Pararhophites orobinus male thumbnail]

Tribe: Fideliini

[Fidelia female thumbnail]
[Fidelia male thumbnail]

Tribe: Neofideliini

[Neofidelia profuga female thumbnail]
[Neofidelia profuga male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Megachilinae

Tribe: Lithurgini

[Austrothurgus female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Austrothurgus male]
[Image unavailable for Trichothurgus dubius female]
[Trichothurgus dubius male thumbnail]

Tribe: Aspidosmiini

[Aspidosmia arnoldi female thumbnail]
[Aspidosmia arnoldi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ochreriadini

[Ochreriades fasciatus female thumbnail]
[Ochreriades fasciatus male thumbnail]

Tribe: Osmiini

[Hoplitis fulgida female thumbnail]
[Hoplitis fulgida male thumbnail]

Tribe: Anthidiini

[Pachyanthidium female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Pachyanthidium male]
[Image unavailable for Dianthidium macrurum female]
[Dianthidium macrurum male thumbnail]

Tribe: Dioxyini

[Dioxys aurifuscus female thumbnail]
[Dioxys aurifuscus male thumbnail]

Tribe: Megachilini

[Megachile semirufa female thumbnail]
[Megachile centuncularis male thumbnail]

Family: Apidae

Subfamily: Xylocopinae

Tribe: Manueliini

[Manuelia postica female thumbnail]
[Manuelia gayi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Xylocopini

[Xylocopa caffra female thumbnail]
[Xylocopa caffra male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ceratinini

[Ceratina calcarata female thumbnail]
[Ceratina calcarata male thumbnail]

Tribe: Allodapini

[Halterapis rufa female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Halterapis rufa male]
[Image unavailable for Macrogalea female]
[Macrogalea male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Nomadinae

Tribe: Hexepeolini

[Hexepeolus rhodogyne female thumbnail]
[Hexepeolus rhodogyne male thumbnail]

Tribe: Brachynomadini

[Kelita argentina female thumbnail]
[Kelita toroi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Nomadini

[Nomada sayi female thumbnail]
[Nomada illinoensis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Epeolini

[Triepeolus pectoralis female thumbnail]
[Triepeolus pectoralis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ammobatoidini

[Holcopasites insoletus female thumbnail]
[Holcopasites stevensi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Biastini

[Neopasites female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Neopasites male]
[Image unavailable for Biastes brevicornis female]
[Biastes brevicornis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Townsendiellini

[Townsendiella pulchra female thumbnail]
[Townsendiella rufiventris male thumbnail]

Tribe: Neolarrini

[Neolarra verbesinae female thumbnail]
[Neolarra vigilans male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ammobatini

[Melanempis scoliiformis female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Melanempis male]

Tribe: Caenoprosopidini

[Caenoprosopina holmbergi female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Caenoprosopina holmbergi male]
[Image unavailable for Caenoprosopis crabronina female]
[Caenoprosopis crabronina male thumbnail]

Subfamily: Apinae

Tribe: Isepeolini

[Isepeolus wagenknechti female thumbnail]
[Isepeolus wagenknechti male thumbnail]

Tribe: Osirini

[Epeoloides pilosula female thumbnail]
[Epeoloides pilosula male thumbnail]

Tribe: Protepeolini

[Leiopodus singularis female thumbnail]
[Leiopodus singularis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Exomalopsini

[Exomalopsis mellipes female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Exomalopsis mellipes male]
[Image unavailable for Anthophorula compactula female]
[Anthophorula compactula male thumbnail]

Tribe: Teratognathini

[Chilimalopsis parvula female thumbnail]
[Chilimalopsis parvula male thumbnail]
[Teratognatha female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Teratognatha male]

Tribe: Ancylaini

[Ancyla female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Ancyla male]
[Image unavailable for Tarsalia ancyliformis female]
[Tarsalia ancyliformis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Tapinotaspidini

[Caenonomada unicalcarata female thumbnail]
[Caenonomada male thumbnail]

Tribe: Tetrapediini

[Tetrapedia female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Tetrapedia male]
[Image unavailable for Coelioxoides female]
[Coelioxoides male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ctenoplectrini

[Ctenoplectra female thumbnail]
[Ctenoplectra terminalis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Emphorini

[Diadasia diminuta female thumbnail]
[Diadasia diminuta male thumbnail]

Tribe: Eucerini

[Melissodes female thumbnail]
[Melissodes male thumbnail]

Tribe: Anthophorini

[Anthophora montana female thumbnail]
[Anthophora montana male thumbnail]

Tribe: Centridini

[Centris nitida female thumbnail]
[Centris male thumbnail]

Tribe: Rhathymini

[Rhathymus female thumbnail]
[Rhathymus male thumbnail]

Tribe: Ericrocidini

[Ericrocis pintada female thumbnail]
[Image unavailable for Ericrocis pintada male]
[Image unavailable for Mesonychium garleppi female]
[Mesonychium garleppi male thumbnail]

Tribe: Melectini

[Zacosmia maculata female thumbnail]
[Zacosmia maculata male thumbnail]

Tribe: Euglossini

[Euglossa female thumbnail]
[Euglossa analis male thumbnail]

Tribe: Bombini

[Bombus pensylvanicus female thumbnail]
[Bombus bimaculatus male thumbnail]

Tribe: Meliponini

[Melipona female thumbnail]
[Melipona solani male thumbnail]

Tribe: Apini

[Apis mellifera female thumbnail]
[Apis mellifera male thumbnail]
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