Current Lab Members

[Photo of Mariya Cheryomina]

Mariya Cheryomina
On Sick Leave

[Photo of Apoorva Chopra]

Apoorva Chopra
Master's Student

[Photo of Daniela Hernandez Cuadra]

Daniela Hernandez Cuadra
Honour's Thesis Student from Chile

[Photo of Spencer Monckton]

Spencer Monckton

[Photo of Nora Romero]

Nora Romero

[Photo of Liam Graham]

Liam Graham
Laboratory Manager

Past Members and Alumni

[Photo of Sheila Dumesh]

Sheila Dumesh
Research Coordinator, Bee Ecology Evolution & Conservation

[Photo of Genevieve Rowe]

Genevieve Rowe
Lead Biologist - Native Pollinator Initiative, WPC

[Photo of Taylor Kerekes]

Taylor Kerekes
Honour's Thesis Student

[Photo of Aimal Rahmati]

Aimal Rahmati
Undergraduate Volunteer

[Photo of Gurpartap Sohal]

Gurpartap Sohal
Undergraduate Volunteer

[Photo of Disha Patel]

Disha Patel
Undergraduate Volunteer

[Photo of Rafael Ferrari]

Rafael Ferrari

[Photo of Natasha Aguanno]

Natasha Aguanno
Undergraduate Student

[Photo of Thomas M. Onuferko]

Thomas M. Onuferko
Beaty Post Doctorate Fellowship at the Canadian Museum of Nature

[Photo of Negar M. Sharifi]

Negar M. Sharifi
Dentistry Student, Dalhousie University

[Photo of Margarita Miklasevskaja]

Margarita Miklasevskaja
Laboratory/Collections Technician, Biodiversity Institute of Toronto

[Photo of Bahar Salehi]

Bahar Salehi
Occupational Therapy

[Photo of Jennifer Albert]

Jennifer Albert

[Photo of Lincoln R. Best]

Lincoln R. Best
Independent Bee Expert, Alberta

[Photo of Sophie Cardinal]

Sophie Cardinal
Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

[Photo of Sheila Colla]

Sheila Colla
Assistant Professor, York University

[Photo of Nick DeSilva]

Nick DeSilva

[Photo of Hume Douglas]

Hume Douglas
Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

[Photo of Jason Gibbs]

Jason Gibbs
Assistant Professor of Entomology, University of Manitoba

[Photo of Jennifer C. Grixti]

Jennifer C. Grixti
Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

[Photo of Luxhman Gunaseelan]

Luxhman Gunaseelan
Medical Student

[Photo of James Postlethwaite]

James Postlethwaite
Melittologist at Large

[Photo of Jeremy T. Kerr]

Jeremy T. Kerr
CRC Chair, University of Ottawa

[Photo of Jonathan Huang]

Jonathan Huang

[Photo of Scott MacIvor]

Scott MacIvor
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough

[Photo of Jakov Musafija]

Jakov Musafija

[Photo of Armando Ponte]

Armando Ponte
Applications underway!

[Photo of Claudia Ratti]

Claudia Ratti
Moved to France

[Photo of Miriam Richards]

Miriam Richards
Professor of Biology, Brock University

[Photo of Cory Sheffield]

Cory Sheffield
Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, Royal Saskatchewan Museum

[Photo of John Taylor]

John Taylor
Professor of Biology, University of Victoria

[Photo of Alana Pindar Taylor]

Alana Pindar Taylor
Postdoctoral Fellow, with Nigel Raine, University of Guelph

[Photo of Natalia Viega]

Natalia Viega

[Photo of Amro Zayed]

Amro Zayed
Associate Professor of Biology, York University

[Photo of Hien Ngo]

Hien Ngo

Current International Scholars

[Photo of Wanted!]


Past International Scholars

[Photo of Korrawat Attasopa]

Korrawat Attasopa
From Thailand

[Photo of Ana Luisa Colzi]

Ana Luisa Colzi

[Photo of Carolina Cardoso]

Carolina Cardoso

[Photo of Leo Correia]

Leo Correia

[Photo of Rocio Vaquero]

Rocio Vaquero

[Photo of Miguel Verran]

Miguel Verran

[Photo of Carmen L. Yurrita]

Carmen L. Yurrita

[Laurence in a good mood]
Dr. Laurence Packer
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Professor of Biology
416-736-2100 ext. 22663
[Packer Collection @ York University]
[Biology Department @ York University]
Lumbers Building 345
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3J1P3, Canada