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About Us

The Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA)

Get PSYCH-ed for UPSA! We are The Undergraduate Psychology Student Association at York University! As the primary club for undergraduate psychology students at York, we aim to guide students towards academic success and professional development through our academic and social supports. Students can turn to the UPSA for information on various opportunities available on campus or within the wider field of psychology.

Empower students within the psychology student community by providing a platform for engagementCreate a network of resources for psychology students through designing high quality, accessible servicesGrowth Mindset, Representation, and Teamwork

Services We Offer

Within UPSA, we provide free Peer Mentoring and Peer Tutoring services. All of our upper-year Peer Mentors and Peer Tutors have at least a B+ average and have committed, motivated, and trained to help you in both your academics and social experience here at York University. We also have a Community Relations Department that works to foster a sense of community through social events and facilitate students' professional development through academic events! Finally, our newest Marketing Department consists of dedicated members who keep you engaged and active online through UPSA's social media platforms, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more! Explore our website to find out more information on each department or how to join the UPSA family!