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Application Process and Fees

Co-op Information Session

Students who are interested in applying for the Co-op Program should attend an information session before submitting their application.

Co-op Application Form

Contact the Science Academic Services office (352 Lumbers) for information about applying to the program or email:

Admission to the Co-op Program option may occur at the time of admission to the University. For students already enrolled at York, admission must occur by the beginning of the study term prior to the first work term specified by the academic program.

Admission requirements for newly admitted students (with no transfer credit) are the same requirements as for admission to the academic program. Students with transfer credits will be considered on a case by case basis. Otherwise, admission requirements for students already at the University are that they meet the standing requirements for the Co-op program.

Co-op Enrollment Agreement & Fee

Once you have submitted the Co-op Application Form and been accepted into the Co-op Program you must complete the Co-op Enrollment Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of taking part in the program.

A non-refundable $200 program enrollment fee will be applied to your student account. This is not a "placement" fee and in no way is it tied to the successful or unsuccessful securing of a co-op work term. The fee is to cover the cost of providing customized job search and career support services for co-op students, access to the co-op job posting board and the overall administration of the program.