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Behavior Flow

See how visitors move through your site with this visual report. Behavior Flow shows you what pages are visited first, second, third, etc. by your visitors, not just how many visits each page gets. This allows you to see how a visitor explores your site and how they are actively finding your information.

This report can show you whether your impressions of how visitors move through your site is accurate or not. For example, if a page you think has the most important information on it being reported as your visitors' 4th page to visit, you can use this data to help you  rearrange your site to make that page more easy to find.

How do you find this report?

You can find it by clicking through Behavior > Behavior Flow.

This report automatically defaults to display customized information for Future Students. Be sure to make the proper adjustments (steps 3-4 below) to be able to view data for all other web areas.

How do I find data specific to my site?

Narrow the data displayed by following these steps:

  1. Log into Google Analytics and select the View you wish to see
  2. Click through Behavior > Behavior Flow
  3. In the top-right corner of the report, under the title, in the grey bar, you will see three options, each with an arrow next to them (these are the defaults now): Future Students; Level of Detail; Export
  4. Click on 'Future Students' and change it to 'Automatically Grouped Pages' -- the page will reset and show full account information
  5. Click on the sprocket icon at the top of the report area
  6. Select the Dimension you wish to display (this defaults to 'Landing Page' which is what you need to find your site's info; you can, however, explore the other options for other data collected)
  7. Click on 'Add an Item' if it does not already display the following fields:
  8. In the form fields, fill out:
    Match Type = Equals
    Expression = your site's url, eg.
    Name = however you'd like to name this (it is optional)
  9. Click 'Apply' and you're good-to-go.