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CUPE 3903 Return to Work

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Important update

The Senate Executive has established a five-week combination remediation and exam period between Monday, 22 April – Sunday, 26 May 2024. In the interests of undergraduate and graduates students who seek to complete their FW 23 and Winter 2024 courses as soon as possible, we must move forward with remediation promptly. 

We understand that some employees in CUPE 3903 bargaining units have reported issues with either receiving the remediation email or submitting the declaration of return to work.  We have used multiple methods (email, posting on the disruptions website and on social media) to ensure the information is widely available. 

Our system indicates that declarations have been steadily flowing in thus far.  Nonetheless, to be responsive to CUPE 3903’s request, we will extend a grace period for employees in the CUPE 3903 bargaining units to submit their declaration of return to work until 4:30pm Monday April 22, 2024. 

Friday, April 19, 2024

Message from Lisa Philipps, Provost and Vice-President Academic

We are very happy to welcome you back to work and are looking forward to working with you to complete the 2023/24 academic session and begin planning for the academic year ahead.

As of this evening, you will be able to access eClass in order to prepare your materials for the remediation period. All of the planning materials you will need to prepare for this are included below and should you have any questions, please reach out to your Dean’s Office for assistance.

The key requirements for employees in each of the CUPE 3903 Units 1, 2 and 3 are as follows, to help facilitate a smooth and efficient return to work, including engagement in remediation activities: 

Confirming Return to Work

The start of the formal remediation period is April 22. In order to plan for the resumption of suspended academic activities, we request that you communicate your return to work and readiness to complete your winter term employment by Sunday, April 21 at: https://cupejobs.uit.yorku.ca/remediate

If there are any medical or other exceptional circumstances precluding your return to work, it is necessary that you complete an on-line form at: https://cupejobs.uit.yorku.ca/remediate/ by no later than NOON on Sunday, April 21.

Employees who do not confirm that they are returning to work or indicate they are unable to return to work with a supporting explanation by NOON on Sunday, April 21 will be considered to have abandoned their work. This is necessary given the short remediation period and the need to put in place alternative arrangements, if you are unavailable to do the work.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 Course Directors

 You must submit a Remediation Plan using the Remediation Plan Template.

In creating your Remediation Plan, you are asked to review the Institutional Remediation Guidelines as  well as the Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades from Senate Executive for important information about student rights, course completion options, alternate modes of course content delivery, and the finalization of grades.  Course Directors are required to complete a Remediation Workload Form which will provide the basis for assessing the remaining salary for work related to the completion of the course. The Remediation Workload Form is to be completed after the work for which pay is to be provided has been completed (more to follow on information about the submission of the Workload Form). 

Unit 1 tutorial leaders, lab demonstrators, studio instructors and Unit 2 employees with marker/grader or other hourly paid assignments

It will be necessary for those of you with these work assignments to have your course director/employment supervisor approve a workload plan using the TA Remediation Workload Form (Unit 1) or the Type 2 Remediation Workload Form (Unit 2), for any activities required for the completion of your assignment . The plan will need to identify how it relates to the original Workload Form that you filled out with your course director/employment supervisor. The TA Remediation Workload Form and Type 2 Remediation Workload Form will provide the basis for assessing remediation pay and must be signed by your course director/employment supervisor and be submitted to your hiring unit/Faculty after the work for which pay is to be provided has been completed (more information about the submission of the Workload Form to follow). 

Unit 3 graduate assistants

You will need to work with your supervisor to approve a workload plan using the Supplementary Graduate Assistant Workload Form. The Supplementary Workload Form will need to indicate how it relates to the original Graduate Assistant Workload Form that you filled out with your supervisor and will form the basis for assessing any remaining pay related to the completion of the assignment (more on information about the submission of the Workload Form to follow). 

We are very excited to welcome you back and want to thank you for continuing to support our students. We are very grateful for your efforts and want to ensure you feel supported during this time.