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eClass roadmap

In the works = development is underway, Coming soon = ready for deployment, Future = investigation is underway, Completed = recently completed in the last few months

In the worksComing SoonFutureCompleted 🎉

- Moodle 4.1

- An instructor overview into student progress for early alerts in a course and ability to send messaging to identified students.
- A student view of their progress across all courses.

- Reengagement - a tool to remind students to complete activities.
- Ability to allow the download of full course content
- Scrolling timer for Quiz
- Display folder resources directly in browser
- Ability to show or hide activity dates and completion conditions to learners
- Ability to set min or max word count for essay questions
Enhanced notetaking tool for students.
- Past updates

- Microsoft Teams

Moving eClass to the cloud for improved reliability and redundancy.
Updated Nov 24th 2022