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Take a sneak peek at some upcoming changes

🗓 Mark your Calendars!

On April 30th, 2023 we will be upgrading eClass to the latest version.

This upgrade will provide a number of new capabilities that include materially improving the learning experience through simplified navigation (reduction in the number of clicks), enhanced York University branding, and a modernized user interface.

How do I learn more about these changes?

Watch a quick overview of the changes (14 mins)

Access our eClass Preview environment

You can login into eClass Preview at

As we continue to work on implementing changes and feedback you might find that Preview changes or doesn't load. While we'll try to keep those changes to a minimum, you may find that you are interrupted while you explore. Apologies for that, our development team never stop working in the background to makes thing even better!

Take a quick look at what's coming

Scroll through our upcoming changes in the box below or visit our updates page to get a sense of what is to come.

I've taken a look at Preview and have some feedback

You'll be able to provide us feedback directly within eClass Preview. You'll be able to quickly fill out your feedback and we'll provide you with updates, we'll even publish it so others can upvote your feedback and you'll be able to see what other feedback has already been provided.

Look for our feedback button in eClass Preview in the bottom right of your screen.

I do have some questions 🤔

If you do, so do others. Here is what we've captured so far. If your question isn't captured here please feel free to contact us

Yes you can create a Playground course and copy your content over using our instructions at

Yes, you can start building your course on eClass Preview. Closer to the Summer term we'll need to move the course over to eClass. We've removed any external activities, iClicker, Zoom, Panopto etc from eClass Preview since those don't transfer across nicely so those will need to be recreated once your course is moved to eClass.

There are just a couple of changes to activities.

  • Question Bank: If you have large question banks you'll welcome the ability to add a status to the question to indicate if it is in draft, you'll also be able to see in which quizzes your questions are currently used.
  • Assignment: You now have the ability to add instructions to an assignment, this is shown on the submission page for a student.

The upgrade to eClass will simplify navigation which will certainly improve aspects of navigation through mobile experience and help students priortise the information they need.

We are currently exploring which integrations and plugins are compatible with the new version. We are also looking at usage across the system to see if there are any integrations or plug-ins that aren't being used so that can be removed. If we determine that a plug-in or integration will no longer be compatible we will reach out to the impacted users to determine next steps.