2021/2022 Book Prize Winners

2021/2022 Book Prize Winners

Congratulations to this year’s prize winners Virginie Andrea Côté (Communications Major) and Valérie Marie Cécile Moniqu Durette (Communications Major) in recognition of excellent academic achievement and outstanding contribution to the Communications program.

Here is what one of our winners had to say when asked about their experience in COMS from the lens of a graduating student:

“One of my favourite parts of the program is that we covered theoretical communication and practical communication. I learned practical skills that will help me in the workplace, such as HTML and the adobe suite. Some of my best professors during my studies were from the communications program; they cared about their students and wanted our success.”

Valérie Marie Cécile Moniqu Durette

Congratulations again to you both and good luck with all of your future endeavours!

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