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Ignite change as part of an exciting, close-knit community of internationally known activists, writers, scholars and teachers who are producing new ways of thinking about sex, gender and sexuality — all of which play a huge role in how our world shapes itself. You’ll develop an informed understanding of all aspects of sexuality within a supportive bilingual setting that hones your language abilities, adding unique value to your degree. In this flexible, well-rounded program, you’ll also gain important insights on sexuality from numerous disciplines, such as history, literature, philosophy, political science and sociology. And you’ll gain key skills — communication, teamwork, critical thinking — that are essential for any career path you choose. 

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Skills You'll Learn

  • Understand the political and social issues of Sexuality Studies and debates in different cultures, religions and histories  
  • Gain exposure to the artistic, cultural, economic, literary and psychological aspects of sexuality  
  • Become familiar with core issues in contemporary Sexuality Studies and important debates in gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual communities 


As a Sexuality Studies graduate, you are well-equipped to become a leader and changemaker. You can choose to pursue grad studies or obtain additional qualifications. Here are a few examples of possible career paths:  

  • Adult education teacher 
  • Social worker  
  • Child development specialist 
  • Sex educator  
  • Education policy consultant  
  • Therapist  
  • Life coach  
  • Women’s rights activist  
  • Public policy analyst 

Visit the Career Centre for more career options in Sexuality Studies. 

Hands-On Experiences

Apply the concepts and theories you’re studying to real world challenges. Engage in guided practical experiences in the classroom, workplace, community and abroad. These are some opportunities for Sexuality Studies students. 

  • Join SexGen, a program at Keele Campus that addresses sexual and gender diversity in university policy, academics and the general university environment 
  • Visit our Glendon Women and Trans Centre, which offers resources, seminars and activities 
  • Participate in a club, such as the Glendon Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Organization, Feminist Action!, Black Women Bridging Borders and the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, with average* of mid-to-high 70s  
  • A minimum of six 4U or 4M courses, including 4U English (ENG4U) or FRA4U  
  • A combination of U and M courses; OACs are accepted  
  • Proficiency in English OR French  

*Average is calculated based on the top six 4U; 4M or DU courses 

Check out the full requirements.

Student Supports & Programs

Glendon Campus prides itself on being a supportive community that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the help you need. See some of the resources Sexuality Studies students use the most. 

Meet Your Professors

You’ll learn from and get to know friendly, high-profile professors, who are published experts and actively working in the field. 

Photo of Amar Wahab

Amar Wahab

Founders College, 206B
416-736-2100 x 20904

Photo of Nick Mulé

Nick Mulé

Ross Building, S825
416-736-2100 x 66325

photo of Michael Palamarek

Michael Palamarek

York Hall C128
416-736-2100 x 88381

News & Events

Get involved on campus and in the community to meet fellow students and boost your Glendon experience. 

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