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Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is a York International initiative that aims to increase student participation in global learning programs by engaging student volunteers in promotional and outreach activities. Former York exchange students and global interns have the opportunity to share their passion for cultures, languages, and transformative international study and work experiences. They also speak about the positive effects of global learning and its contributions to students' academic and career success and development.

Global Ambassadors’ activities include participating in information sessions, campus fairs and events, Red Zone tabling, Global Chats, poster-ing, social media and special projects. For more information, send an email to

Mary-Margaret Annab

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, University of Leeds, England, UK

Program at York: Theatre Production/English Literature

Denise Cheung

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, Meiji University, Japan

Program at York: Communication Studies

Umaimah Chudawala

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, National University of Singapore

Program at York: Biomedical Science

Sabrina Fields

Program & Destination: Internship - Uganda

Program at York: Communication Studies, Minor Gender & Women's Studies

Michaëlle Guerrier

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, Comillas University, Spain

Program at York: GL International Studies

Jamie Rudberg

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, University of Hong Kong, China

Program at York: East Asian Studies and Political Science

Piotr Supierz-Szczyglowski

Program & Destination: Internship - Vietnam and Croatia

Program at York: GS Political Science

Yufan Zhang

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, Fudan University, China

Program at York: Urban Studies

Aena Poologarajah

Program & Destination: Fall/Winter Exchange, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Program at York: GL International Studies