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The Graduate Program in Conference Interpreting program seeks to prepare a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable professionals for a rewarding career in this dynamic, fast-paced field.

The Master of Conference Interpreting degree is a two-year (six-term) program. Candidates must pass an aptitude test, at which point they enter Year One. Upon successful completion of the first three terms of Year One, students have the option of exiting the program and receiving the Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting. Those who elect to stay in the program must pass the transition examination leading to Year Two. After the successful completion of another three terms—and of the end-of-degree exit examination—students earn the Master of Conference Interpreting degree.

Admission Requirements

Master of Conference Interpreting Program/Diploma in General Interpreting

To be granted standard admission to the program, applicants must meet two principal conditions.

First, candidates must successfully complete the aptitude test, described above. The test measures candidates’ aptitude for interpreting between English and another language, in large part by assessing their proficiency. However, the measures outlined below will also be used to assess language competence.

Second, they must hold an honours undergraduate degree or equivalent (typically a four-year full-time program) from an accredited postsecondary institution with a minimum grade point average of “B” in the final two years of full-time equivalent study. Applicants with a degree in translation are a good fit for the program, but so too are candidates with undergraduate training in other areas that have obvious relevance to interpreting, such as finance, economics, politics, public administration, law, and healthcare.

English Language Proficiency

Proof of English language proficiency is required for applicants who do not meet one of the following criteria:

  • Their first language is English; OR
  • They have completed at least one year of full-time study at an accredited university in a country (or institution) where English is the official language of instruction. If required, proof of English language proficiency shall include one of the following:
    • a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language score of 600 (paper based), 250 (computer based) or 100 (internet based)
    • an International English Language Testing System overall band score of 7.5
    • a York English Language Test score of Band 1

To be granted advanced entry to the program (direct entry to Year Two), candidates must have sufficient professional experience. They must also submit a petition to the Graduate Program Director to waive program requirements (grant additional transfer credits). These candidates are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and are required to pass the Master of Conference Interpreting transition examination.

Degree and Diploma Requirements

Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting/Year 1 of Master of Conference Interpreting Degree Program

Candidates for the Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting must successfully complete the following requirements.

24 credits made up of the following courses:

Mandatory Courses:
Conference Interpreting 5710 3.0: Conference Interpreting I
Conference Interpreting 5715 3.0: Conference Interpreting II
Conference Interpreting 5720 3.0: Court Interpreting I
Conference Interpreting 5725 3.0: Court Interpreting II
Conference Interpreting 5730 3.0: Healthcare Interpreting I
Conference Interpreting 5735 3.0: Healthcare Interpreting II
Translation Studies 5700 3.0: Interpreting Studies
Conference Interpreting 5790 3.0: Mentoring Practicum in Interpreting

Year 2 of Master of Conference Interpreting Degree Program

Entrance to Year 2 is confirmed by the successful completion of the transition examination.

Students must successfully complete 30 credits comprised of the following courses.

Mandatory Courses (30 credits):
Conference Interpreting 5820 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice I
Conference Interpreting 5825 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice II
Conference Interpreting 5830 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice III
Conference Interpreting 5835 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice IV
Conference Interpreting 5840 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice V
Conference Interpreting 5845 3.0: Documentation and Professional Practice VI
Conference Interpreting 5850 3.0: Other Languages* Into English I
Conference Interpreting 5855 3.0: Other languages* Into English II
Conference Interpreting 5860 3.0: English into Other Languages I
Conference Interpreting 5865 3.0: English into other Languages II

The program works with the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Applicants should be a native speaker of one of these languages, and they should have a near-native command of at least one of the others. All applicants must have English as one of their working languages.

The Conference Interpreting master’s degree program can be completed on a full-time basis. Entry is fall term.

The expected degree completion time for full-time master’s students is 6 terms. For those students who complete degree requirements earlier than 6 terms, they must register and pay fees for a minimum of the equivalent of 6 terms of full-time study. All requirements for a master’s degree must be fulfilled within 12 terms (4 years) of registration as a full-time or part-time master’s student in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies’ registration policies.