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THE MASTER OF CONFERENCE INTERPRETING (MCI) at Glendon is a two-year graduate program that uses blended learning to prepare you to join a new generation of professionals. Upon graduation, you will embark upon a rewarding career in a dynamic, fast-paced field. In this two-year intensive program, you’ll learn how to listen to speeches, presentations, debates and other forms of spoken discourse in one language and relay them to your audience in another.

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Why should you choose the MCI?

Leaders in Technology

  • Our first year students have been learning entirely online since 2012.
  • Starting in September, our second year students will learn in a ground-breaking hybrid format.
  • We train you to use a number of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) platforms.
  • We show you how to leverage online connections and communities to get your interpreting career started.
  • You'll join a cadre of graduates who are thought leaders in technology and future trends.

Multiple Markets

  • After the first year, you will be ready to interpret in the legal and healthcare fields.
  • After the second year, you will be ready to interpret in the conference field.
  • You will learn about the realities of being both a staff interpreter and a free-lance professional.
  • You will be trained by instructors who work in different countries, and for different governmental and international organizations.
  • Your instructors and classmates will become important nodes in your professional network.

Customized Attention

  • You will be a part of a tight-knit learning community.
  • Your class sizes will be small, and you will receive constant structured feedback from instructors and peers.
  • Your instructors will design lessons with your needs in mind.
  • You will learn about the opportunities that are specific to your working languages.
  • In some cases, we may be able to tailor training to specialized language combinations.
  • You will get individualized advice and guidance to help you embark upon your career path.

Should you apply?

You are an ideal candidate for the MCI if you have an unshakable, near-native command of your non-dominant languages (B or C languages). You may have acquired this command through extended periods of time living in places where the languages are spoken, through advanced education in those languages, or through lengthy use of them in a professional setting. Your dominant language (A language) should also be very refined, to the point where you can use it to speak effectively and convincingly about an array of topics. You should be well-read, with a nuanced understanding of world events, financial structures, and political realities.

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Meet our alumni

MCI alumna Malikah is an English-French freelance interpreter based in Paris. In this video, she shares her experience of studying for Year One online, and the thrill of meeting her classmates face to face in Year Two. Finally, she explains how her training has helped her make her mark on a challenging European market.

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Meet your instructors

MCI instructor Andy Gillies is one of the interpreting world's most sought-after trainers, and he is the author of several books on interpreter training. In this video, hear what he has to say about being part of a team of teachers and students at Glendon.

Andy is typical of our conference interpreting instructors. They are all working interpreters who are either active members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) or who are accredited by the leading institutional employers. Your instructors in court and health-care interpreting will have either achieved certification in their field, or — in some cases — helped create it. All of our trainers have extensive teaching experience.

For you, what this means is that you will learn from talented pedagogues who all have up-to-date knowledge of a variety of professional markets.

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