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Program Details

Language Combinations

Students must speak English as an A or a B language, and they must have at least one of the MCI's other languages in their combination: Arabic, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. On occasion, we have also been able to accommodate students with German and Turkish. Most students in the program have an AB combination. Others have an ABC or ACC combination.

Two Years, Two Credentials

Year One is taught entirely online and devotes equal time to health care, legal and conference interpreting. After you’ve successfully completed these courses, you are eligible to apply for the Graduate Diploma in General Interpreting (GDGI).

If you choose to continue to continue one in the program, you’ll need to pass the Transition Exam. In Year Two, you will focus exclusively on conference interpreting. Once you finish your course work and the Exit Exam, you will earn the Master of Conference Interpreting (MCI).

Career Pathways

Both credentials will provide you with hands-on training for a highly evolving job market. The GDGI will have you ready to work in courtrooms, lawyers' offices, administrative tribunals, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and more. In so doing, you'll be helping to safeguard people's liberties, and perhaps their very lives.

The MCI can take you from the corridors of power in Ottawa to important world cities beyond Canada’s borders. You’ll find lucrative options to start your own business and to use technology to reach around the globe. You'll have a front-row seat to witness history in the making.

Introduction Video

Learn About the MCI


All the courses in our program are worth three credits, and they include 36 hours of contact time. Online classes are taught in real-time, using Zoom or other Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) platforms. We also use eClass as a Learning Management System. It's where you will find course outlines, speech material, assignments, and readings.


  • INTE 5700 Interpreting Studies
  • INTE 5710 Conference Interpreting I
  • INTE 5720 Court Interpreting I
  • INTE 5730 Healthcare Interpreting I
  • INTE 5715 Conference Interpreting II (language specific)
  • INTE 5725 Court Interpreting II (language specific)
  • INTE 5735 Healthcare Interpreting II  (language specific)


  • INTE 5790 Virtual Healthcare Interpretation Practicum (VHIP) or Virtual Legal Interpretation Practicum (VLIP)
  • Transition exam (for those that wish to go on to Year Two)


  • INTE 5820 Documentation & Professional Practice I
  • INTE 5830 Documentation & Professional Practice II
  • INTE 5840 Documentation & Professional Practice III
  • INTE 5850 Other Language into English I
  • INTE 5860 English Into Other Language I


  • INTE 5825 Documentation & Professional Practice IV
  • INTE 5835 Documentation & Professional Practice V
  • INTE 5845 Documentation & Professional Practice VI
  • INTE 5855 Other Language into English II
  • INTE 5865 English Into Other Language II


  • Organized Practice Sessions
  • Exit Exam
Students on Glendon Campus.


For detailed information on program fees please consult the official website of the faculty of graduate studies here: 


*Please note the numbers given on the website represent the fees for one term. There are 3 terms in an academic year.