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Fall / Winter 2020-2021 Information

A word from Glendon Campus Interim Principal Ian Roberge concerning Fall/Winter 20-21.

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Latest News

York’s Glendon Campus stepping up to help address shortage of FSL teachers

A new knowledge mobilization hub at York University’s bilingual Glendon Campus will help to meet the need for French as a second language (FSL) teachers at a time when they are in short supply.

Glendon researcher Dr. Emily Laxer wins prestigious Sociology Award

The award recognizes Unveiling the Nation for its outstanding scholarly contribution to “the advancement of sociological knowledge in Canada.”

Join Glendon Tournament to connect, win prizes and compete for Glendon Cup

Glendon Campus has launched an innovative virtual program to help new and returning students connect, have fun, win prizes and compete for the Glendon Cup.