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Tours of Glendon Campus

Come visit Glendon and get to know our programs, facilities, student services and welcoming atmosphere! Discover an exciting blend of historical and modern architecture at York University’s founding campus located in the heart of Toronto. 

We highly recommend that you take a tour if you are thinking of applying or have already applied. This really helps future students get a better understanding of the “best of both worlds” with the beautiful green spaces and the exciting perks of Toronto life.

In-person visits

Get a uniquely personalized campus tour with a student ambassador who will share their insights about the Glendon experience. Tours are offered in English, French, or bilingually.

3D Virtual tour

This tour gives you the most realistic virtual experience that you can enjoy from anywhere, at anytime. Explore at your own pace or click the auto-play feature. 

Interactive map

Use this map to help find your way around the campuses of York University. Glendon students are welcome to take courses at our Keele Campus and vice versa.