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Discover your potential.

See why Glendon is a smart choice.

Are you looking to acquire a degree that sets you apart?

Gain a solid academic foundation and practical experience while building your network and kickstarting your career in Toronto, Canada’s economic and cultural engine.

Want to immerse yourself into a multicultural and multilingual environment, that bolsters your passion for diversity?

Glendon is the only bilingual university campus in Toronto, and a small scale version of today’s society.

Would a more intimate and supportive campus experience ease your transition to university?

Get personalized attention with a ratio of 9 students per professor.

Students on Glendon campus.

The Glendon Advantage

As you contemplate where to pursue your postsecondary careers, you may have trouble telling the difference between this program and that program, and that’s normal. Choosing a university is a big decision, and we understand that.

At Glendon, we pride ourselves in offering students a supportive environment, thanks to our low professor to student ratio.

In addition, Glendon offers a unique learning experience: the Glendon Advantage. All students have the opportunity to develop additional language and cultural-competence skills, because we believe that learning or studying another language, another culture, helps acquire a degree of cultural empathy, and a more thorough appreciation for different worldviews, something that is key in today’s world.

And for those with a taste for adventure, we offer a wide selection of international exchange and study-abroad programs. Some of our students seize this chance to pursue a bilingual or trilingual international bachelor’s degree. The Glendon Advantage is like a passport to your future!

Small campus, big heart

When you choose to study on the Glendon Campus, you are also choosing to study at York University, the third largest university in Canada. However, because of its smaller size, Glendon is the perfect compromise for those who want to be part of a large university, while studying on a campus where people – faculty, staff and other students – know you by your name.

A university experience on a small-scale campus is the perfect place for those who seek a rewarding and fulfilling student experience, a place where you can explore what it’s like to be an agent of change in this world, a place where you can pursue your ambitions, with the benefit of a tremendous support system. 

Get hands-on experiences in all our programs

Improve your language skills to stand out on the job market

Access the supports you need in a personalized environment

Connect with a current Glendon student in your program of interest

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More than

$1 million

in bursaries, scholarships and grants available to Glendon students


spots in the Top Scholars community for new high-achieving students (average of (90%+)


of Glendon grads are employed 6 months after graduation


hands-on learning opportunities across Keele and Glendon campuses


of employers are very satisfied/satisfied with Glendon grads they hire

Bilingual candidates are generally worth anywhere from

10% to 30%*

more than English-only candidates in today’s job market

* The Globe and Mail

Glendon Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

View our virtual tour with your computer, phone, or Oculus Quest 2. You will explore Glendon’s vibrant green spaces with an exciting blend of historical and modern facilities.

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