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Core Curriculum

Glendon Core Curriculum:

A Foundation For Growth

Core Curriculum is a series of courses designed to offer a shared experience that gives you an extensive, well-rounded foundation of expertise, regardless of your major. These core courses create a common intellectual journey, shared among all students on campus, fostering a sense of unity in both knowledge and community.

Broad Perspectives For Tangible Success

Core Curriculum enhances your understanding of current societal issues and intercultural competencies, equipping you with a broad perspective that is both immediately applicable in the classroom and essential for your career.

1st Year:
4 Courses

Build foundations for a successful transition to university, including studying efficiency, critical thinking and reasoning, language proficiency, research and digital literacy skills.

2nd & 3rd Year:
2 Courses

Broaden your knowledge beyond your major and get inspired to think globally, including decolonization and indigenization, social justice, climate change and sustainability, global citizenship and engagement.

4th Year:
4 Courses

Culminate your academic journay with a Final Capstone Project and Big Ideas Seminar that shows matery of a particular topic, ultimately preparing you for your career.

Sample Courses:

  • Reconciling Literature: Texts & Contexts
  • Culture and Power in the Americas
  • Whose environment is it? Canadian perspectives on climate, challenge and resilience.
  • The Black Experience in Africa and its Diasporas
  • La citoyenneté at l'immigration au Canada
  • Canada Perspective Globale / Canada in a Global Perspective
  • Indigenous Peoples of Canada
  • Utopias and Dystopias: Old Worlds and New
  • Social Inequality

Core Curriculum Advantages: Branch Out & Grow

Intercultural Learning:

Engage with diverse cultures through immersive learning, critical discussions, and language studies that expand your understanding of cultural contexts.

Examining Social Equity:

Learn through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to understand and contribute to equitable solutions for global challenges.

Fostering Community:

Grow connections with students outside of your field and build a network rich with diverse perspectives and shared academic goals.

Building your Toolbox

Gain critical thinking, language proficiency, research, and digital literacy skills applicable for success in your major and career.

Skills for Employment and Graduate Studies

Our Core Curriculum equips you with marketable and transferable skills for success in your major and beyond. You’ll leave Glendon with a diverse skill set that is valued by employers and will help to propel your career after graduation.

Building Global Leaders

Gain a competitive edge in the global workplace with courses designed to set you apart and inspire your future endeavours. Through our Core Curriculum courses, you'll broaden your leadership skills, both nationally and internationally, and be prepared to become a leader in your world, whether it’s right at home, in your community, or far beyond.

From Glendon to the World

While the Core Curriculum is new, the exceptional attributes that have come to define our alumni have always been entrenched in Glendon’s DNA. Core Curriculum is  just one more tool to prepare you for exciting careers. 
But don’t just take our word for it. Hear firsthand from our 17,000+ alumni network, comprised of prominent leaders, change-makers, and innovators in their fields and communities about how their time at Glendon primed them for their future.

Anna-Kay Russell du Toit

Commentator on CBC | Co-founder and Director of Sponsorships for the Canadian Black Policy Network

Alexandre Côté

Diplomat and Champion of Diversity

Rusul Alrubail

Founder, Executive Director at Parkdale Centre for Innovation

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